Day 4: This morning we were woken up by the phone call from Miss Heggs at the ungodly hour of 5:45, after a bit of snoozing we rolled out of bed and got ready quickly. We ran down to breakfast and gobbled it up like it was the last meal we would ever have. After that we jumped straight into public matatus which was quite an experience as it was the first time we had been in one like that and it was such a hurry and a rush. We got off at Kenol and walked round to Mtwapa Acadamy, which we were a little late for, but we arrived for the assembly which was interesting because it was completely different to our own at Brockington. Afterwards Miss Heggs’ group went to buy essential things such as mosquito nets, malaria medicine and rice to put in the care packages. Miss Perridge’s group and Drew’s group went to Sagail nursery – where we took part in learning in the lessons, and some of us taught the lessons to the younger children – the year 1,2,3 and 4’s, they were all really cute and some of us really wanted to cry at what the children go through.

Some of us went and cooked lunch with Amina, the meal aid chef, where we sorted through rice, getting out grit and insects. We took peas out of their pods and cleaned vegetables.

The rest of us stayed at Mtwapa Academy, taking part in the lessons, helping the children and learning some Kiswahili.  Some of us had the privilege of taking part in a Kenyan P.E lesson. It was really fun but very sweaty in the mid day sun!  Mrs. Wrights group came back from Amina’s house with the food they had prepared and we all sat down for lunch. We had to say grace which was really moving then we tucked into our lovely lunch of rice, fish and potato.  The groups then swapped round to visit different schools and do different activities.

Everyone really enjoyed today and the matatus were such an experience. We had a dip in the pooI when we got back to the hotel which everyone really needed as we were very warm and covered in dust.

Clarissa : Hi, everyone!! I hope you’re having a great time without me J I’m having soooo much fun!! :D I’ll write soon children!! Bye!! Missss you!! X x x x x x x x x x x x

Tabi : Hi people at home!! Missing you all loads! Loving it in over hear, not been bitten or been sun burnt yet  ( touch wood) J.  We have to come here on holiday, the Matatus are amazing and the kids are friendly. Love to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxx