Today, we once again went to Mtwapa Academy in the ‘matattoo’ to help in their classrooms and familiarise ourselves with their style of education, compared to ours at Brockington College. The teachers and children are extremely welcoming and are always thrilled to see us. In lessons, they are very well behaved, incredibly intelligent, and enthusiastic with infinite energy, despite their obvious disadvantages here in Kenya.

Meanwhile, Molly, Richard, Kayleigh and Willow went to Moses’ house to cook lunch with his wonderful wife Emily. The meal is known as Pilau, which included beef, rice, vegetables and spices (all of which are either bought from the local market stalls or from their own garden.). Even though peeling carrots involved knives that were more like machetes, there were no injuries.  The food was then brought to the school via ‘tuk tuks’, and with much effort, it survived the ride. The effort proved worth it as some said it was the best meal yet.

Everyone then returned to the lessons, with the pupils offering their seats in an instant. Their skills and intelligence put us all to shame! We all enjoy being there and many of us have made new friends!

At 16:00, we journeyed back to the hotel. Some us went with Joe and Sarah to barter at the beach, with some succeeding with buying sculptors that were 3000 Ksh to just 1200ksh, and so on. They then joined the others back at the pool for some needed relaxation (and of course splashing and shoving each other in).

We are now preparing for dinner, before finally going for a good nights sleep, excited for tomorrow’s adventures!
We are all doing well here, and we love hearing your messages, so keep them coming!

>Richard- I’m having the time of my life! (Don’t worry, I do miss you.)

Cameron- Hi, Mum, Dad, Lachlan and Isla how has your holiday been? I am having an amazing time​ and making new friends. I am missing you loads, but I am still having a great time nonetheless.