Today was the forth day In Kenya. it was are first full day at the school. it was a early start(6:30am). After that we went to breakfast as usually Joe B and Richard loved the food. It is Liam birthday so we all sang happy birthday to him. Next me got onto the matatu it was a very bumpy ride down the street. when we arrived we where presently welcomed by the children and teachers to the school. Than everyone took part in the school assembly there was much singing and dancing.


After that we Debbie, Lois, Megan, Sophie and Joe B went to Moses house to cook with his wife Emily. first they prepped the vegetable a the same time Joe made the dough. Next Lois and Sophie went out side to cook the vegetables. Joe, Megan and Debbie made the dough into balls and rolled them out and added other ingredients cut them into three and rolled them u into a spiral shape. Lois and Sophie hade finished cooking the vegetables. Than everyone flattened out the dough than the dough was placed on a cooker to cook. This dish took sweat, blood, and tears. Lois hade tears from the onions Megan and Joe B cut fingers when chopping but they are fine know as they where attended By birthday boy maze. the group also made a mango and carrot juice.

whilst the cooking team went to cook lunch the rest of us took part in lessons at the school. we spread are self’s throughout the school from kinder garden to the top of the schools class 8. we had to adjust to a different style of a school timetable of 35min lessons and a lot more lessons and a school day of 7:30 till 4. During the lessons we helped the students with there work and some of us teaching the kids as well. we took part in the lessons. we all had lots of fun being with the kids and made lots of new friends. we than met up with the other group for lunch. as soon as they walked in with the food we could not wait to get stuck in. After Noah did a prayer we started. The food was delicious and there was not much left. Next we went back to the classes and helping them out learning more and more about the school and Kenya and its culture. we than headed back to the hotel.

when we got back everyone was tired and ready for dinner. but we all have decided to go for a swim where everybody was obsessed with taking photos under water with Cameron’s under water phone cover. than we where ready to eat and sleep we all had lots of fun and had a wonderful day with everyone and looking forward to tomorrow.

Joe M : To family missing you lots and hope you are all ok and I can not wait to see you all again love Joe.

Megan H: To family,im having a wonderful time and i’ve realised how privileged we are and how lucky we are,i have had a an amazing time and can’t wait for the next few weeks. I am missing you all.Love you all xx