Day four started off with us all waking up at 7:00 on the overnight train. We all grabbed our suitcases, and were introduced to the new environment called Xi’an, a more rural section of China upon first impressions. We were greeted by our new tour guide – whos name is Ann – whilst we stay in Xi’an.

We went on a bus to our first destination, which were the Hanyang tombs. We were taught about Dynasties and the 4th Chinese Emperor. A dynasty is a period in which a family ruled a country, for example, the British has the Windsors, Stuarts, Plantagenets, and the Tudors. In China, they have had 13 dynasties in total, 3 of them being Chi Dynasty, Han Dynasty, and Tang Dynasty. We explored the tomb that the emperor had asked to be built from clay. He believed that when he traveled to the afterlife, he should be buried with all the things that he would need, so he had things made such as clay people (1/3 of the average human height) with wooden arms (though they had rotted throughout the years), and even had live animals buried with him.

After that visit, we went to have breakfast in the hotel, and then travelled to a place where we focused on Chinese artwork and practised Chinese caligraphy. For the caligraphy, we had a woman give us sheets of rice – paper and a traditional brush to practise writing symbols. We were taught how to hold the brush correctly, and then we followed her instructions to paint the Chinese symbols of “Forever” and “Love”.


Afterwards, we went to eat lunch, and then went to the City Wall and cycled the whole thing, which was 8 miles in total for us all. Honestly, I think we all enjoyed it!

Then, we took a trip to the Great Goose Pagoda where many important figures of China are buried, and learnt the origins of Buddhism, for example, who the founder was and his life story.






After that, we went to dinner and then retreated to our hotel rooms (which are, in my opinion, much more comfortable than the ones in Beijing!)

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