Today was a very hard and eye opening day for all of us. We visited Moses’s house and met his family. then we sorted out 44 piles of clothes and 42 piles of food. after we had finished the care packages for the families we set off to the village. whilst walking there we ha to carry 40 bags between 21 people, which wasn’t easy. When we arrived at the village we sorted out or group and handed tem out to around 42 families in need. Whilst waiting for the other 40 bags that were still at his house we entertained the kids by singing, dancing and interacting with them all. We taught them the cha cha slide, macarana, the conger, heads shoulders knees an toes, hokie cokie, YMCA, and the bungalow song.

After we handed out the rest of the care packages. we then made our way to the local children’s orphanages and had a look round. then we went back to Moses’s house and had tea and donuts. when we had all finished we got a back on a mwatattoo’s and made our way back to the hotel.


Alice and Molly
sunday 15th

To all my family I’m having a great time here ad loving every second of it try not to miss me too much (I know it will be hard)
-Alice xx

To my family I miss you all loads,also don’t have to much fun without me xxx
-Molly xx