Day two:
We were all wonderfully awoken at 6:20am and into the restaurant by 7:30, the buffet included a wide variety of continental foods including waffles and pancakes. We met Mosses again and took our tour of the city. We started off with ride in a Mtatu ( a large mini van/ taxi in Swahili) there are lots of them around. After the wild and exciting journey we went to told slave market which is now a green grocers and butchers. We then proceeded into the old town of Mombasa. The shops and houses were very different to the ones back in England. All the shop items were handmade. There are huge contrasts between rich and poor people, even on the same street, doctors and lawyers mansions on one side and poor people begging on the other. Then we made and a long and extensive walk to Fort Jesus,  a Portuguese fort with the shape of Jesus on the cross. They had this to keep out rival businesses and people from rebelling. We then visited a children’s home who were very welcoming. It was fun as the children did a little welcome song for us even though we were unexpected. We then made a small donation of 2000 Kenyan Shillings. Although it was little they we still very happy and appreciated it which we all found very emotional. Then we walks 2 miles to the amazing tusks of Mombasa. Then we proceeded to the ferry where we were greeted by many smiling faces shaking our hands. Wet then went across the river and back as it is not structurally possible to build a bridge across such a vast space. We then came back on a Matatu to the hotel. After 2 jam packed days we managed to spend some time by the pool.

Franklin: the hotel is very nice and the pool is amazing. The town is busy and full of very happy people. When we saw the kids yesterday it was amazing to see how happy they are with so little. We have met with many people as we stand out from everyone else.

Rumit: Kenya is amazing!! The hotel is really big and there is a badminton court, table tennis table and lots of swimming pools. I’m missing you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy birthday Mum, love joy x x x x