What a day! Our last early wake up call of the trip, 5:45 and were still not use to it. Same plan breakfast and squashed ride on the matatu’s. We met up with moses and gave him a painting, pictures and personal notes from everyone on the trip. He was completely surprised and had such a big grin on his face. It made us all warm and fuzzy inside. After, we went straight to the building sight which is now looking more like a building more than ever. We moved more bricks and made cement to help get the walls finished. After the hard work we went to visit Elisabeth’s school for a second time to say our farewells. The school children did some poems and songs and were thrilled with the animal masks we gave them. They are looking forward to receiving the uniforms we have paid for and were telling us about how they had all been visited to get measured and fitted. It felt really good to see them all so happy and exited about a simple thing we had done for them.

We then had a long walk to segail and were greeted with smiling and happy faces. Some of us were given letters and notes from some of the sigail children which was a really happy and emotional time. Both Brockington and segail pupils walked to Mtwapa Academy for a farewell presentation, which included performances from both schools and the Brockington pupils handed out special gifts to all of the children. Some of us even gave our shoes away so were left to walk around in only fil-flops. After the presentation each class gave us gifts in return and moses said a moving speech about our time together. We were all awarded certificates for our participation in the Kenya experience and cultural trip. There was a disco to say our goodbyes and we all had a dance which was such good fun but emotional at the same time because we knew it was our last afternoon with the children.

We made our way back to the hotel with some teary eyes among us and had a well earned dip in the pool and a late lunch of yummy chips. After a while Mustafa – our safari guide, visited us with gifts for us all. This was a big surprise. He brought wooden animals, hair accessories and some masi statues. We were so grateful and thanked him continuously. We chilled out for the rest of the afternoon and are really looking forward to our promised lie in tomorrow morning.

Tabi – hi everyone back home!! Had such a good two weeks but can’t wait to see you all on Saturday! Tan is coming along nicely and I have had my first bite a few days ago. Love to everyone, Tabi x

Lucy A – having a great time, I’m not coming home; you will have to come here. Missing everyone loads can’t wait to

see you on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to the flight but I will try to sleep. Hope everyone’s not missing me too much and can’t wait to see my Molly again, tell her I’m on my way!!! Tonnes of love Lucy xxxxx