We had spent the night in the Salt Lick Lodge, and woke up at the normal time of 5:45, which felt like a lie in compared to yesterday’s 4:00. Everyone had a well deserved night’s sleep; however some of us were woken in the early hours of the morning thanks to heavy rain and a herd of water buffalo passing through the complex.  After quickly getting ready, we were bundled into the vans and we set off for an early morning game drive. We were hoping to catch the animals whilst the temperature was still low as we had heard the sights would be amazing.

Immediately, we came across a whole herd of water buffalo, which were grazing and covering the path in front of us. As we edged forwards, we had a close up of the herd and they surrounded us. It was quite scary because they could easily knock over a van with their giant horns. We continued on the track, and saw plenty of antelope, gazelles, heartbeasts, baboons and exotic birds. We also spotted a few giraffe, until the driver received a message on the radio, and we sped off to try and catch a glimpse of the animal. When we arrived, there was a small herd of water buffalo which were on guard as if there was a predator around.  Already there was a gathering of other safari trucks and the drivers informed us they had spotted some cheetahs near to the herd. Looking through binoculars, we could pick out a mother and a cub hiding in the grass, which was a treat as we had been told that a cheetah sighting was extremely rare and even the experienced drivers were excited to see them. It was a great to see them in their natural habitat especially because they we considering hunting, and not being restricted in a caged area.

After this excitement, we headed back to the hotel for breakfast.  Everyone was starving after the busy morning and made the most of the delicious food. We then had to collect our things from our rooms where we were surprised to see a few baboons sitting under our window – looking up towards us. We opened the window and said hey…  :-) The journey back to Mombasa seemed longer than before but it was a chance for everyone to rest if they could ignore the bumps. The tarmac roads had so many pot holes that we were forced to drive along the ditches. Everyone thought that the surrounding views were beautiful, however as we approached the villages we were reminded of the poverty.

We spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool to prepare for a busy day tomorrow.

Katie – Hey. Thanks again for all the messages. Will be seeing you soon – I hope you have bought me lots of chocolate for Easter, hint. Can’t believe we will be coming home soon, it’s gone so quickly but there’s still time left to enjoy. Loads to tell you when I get home. Love you xxx

Charlotte O. – Enjoying every moment over here but not long until the journey home! Thanks to everyone who reads the blog –it’s great to hear from you. Love to all the family and everyone at school. Emily, please tweet 1D that I say hi, haha :D Very excited for tomorrow! See you all soon xxx