Our last day:

Our final day started at 7:15 with a fluent breakfast at 7:45 leading on to a bumpy matatu drive to our building site. We arrived to see yet more piles of bricks, sand and gravel to be shipped up to the top of the construction area, we were greeted with smiles by our fellow builders and artist. Once we started to move the gravel to the top we had a team of people spreading the gravel across the inside of the frames for the flooring, when we finally had one of the walls in place some of us started to white wash the outside to protect them from water damage. At about 2:00 we made our way to mosses’ house where we had pilau (a dish traditionally made for occasions e.g. weddings, farewells, Christmas and welcoming’s).After lunch we went to Mtwapa academy for a goodbye ceremony which consisted of gifts and a lot of singing and dancing. When we had finished at the school we went to the building site to check on the progress before we quickly went through the village handing out mosquito nets after a tiring we headed to the supermarket for plane snacks then came back to the hotel and said goodbye to mosses.


Noah –

After a tiring two weeks in Kenya I cant wait to see you al when I get back but I am still sad we have to leave such an amazing place.

See you al soon


As sad above, I can’t believe were leaving so soon and it feel like only seconds ago we were arriving. Still can’t wait to get back home and see you all, missing you all lots. Joe

see you all soon