It was a packed day in Kenya once again… Getting up from a slight lie in at 7:15 am, not quite like our lie ins at home (about 2 in the after noon)! We went and had a cooked breakfast, my personal fave of wafflessssssss.

We got a mtattoo for 8:30 but as it is ‘ African time’ it got here about 9am.

It was a challenging day loading bricks ( very heavy bricks ) onto carts and wheeling them to the site.  Also, the sand and something else i’m not too sure of the name! It was a very hot day as well today. Don’t worry mum I did drink enough ;)

The builders are so encouraging and make sure your having a laugh along the way as well! The women here can carry about 1 or 2 bricks on their heads and balance them to the other side of the building site. Yet, we struggle to carry 1 in our hands. Lets just say everyone here is very strong.

We had just finished carrying all of the bricks up to the building site and then a whole new truck load of bricks arrived for the pleasure of tomorrow. As we were all cutting down the trees, we got savagely attacked by biting ants!

For lunch we went to Moses’ house and what waited was a load of Chapatis, which were lovely. Emily’s (Moses wife ) is quite frankly the best cook. We needed the fuel. We got home for about 4 and started packing as tomorrow we will be too busy!! I’m sure the blog tomorrow will update you on that.


Loving it here so much but missing my family now!! Love you all and will see you soon. I will talk you all to death about this trip xx


Hi Finch Family, how has your holiday been? I am having a brilliant time here and I don’t want the trip to end. I can not wait to tell you about the whole trip.