The early wake up calls have returned, 5:45 (fun). No more pancakes, just toast and if we’re lucky a few croissants. After breakfast we made our way out to Mtwapa on matatu’s, as per usual it was manic and to add to the chaos we also had big bags of sports kit, ready for the mini Olympics, which we donated at the end of the day. When assembly had finished at Mtwapa, we made our way to Sagail were we did their mini Olympics. It was good fun, but it became really hot and we were all tired, so we headed to the building site (with such enthusiasm). Once we got there we couldn’t believe our eyes at how much they had done. The foundations had been finished and the wall corners were in place. We were instructed to move a large pile of bricks, so we formed the great Kash 4 Kenya train. Passing bricks from one person to another the job had quickly been completed and we headed back to Mtwapa for lunch. Once again, Amena had prepared a lovely meal, which was greatly appreciated by all.

After filling our water bottles we went out to do the mini Olympics once again, but this time with Mtwapa’s students. The Olympics consisted of; sprints, long distance running, shot put, long jump, target throwing and jumping over tyres. As we sorted the teams out the games began. The children don’t normally experience organised P.E lessons as usually they are left to sort their own games out. Each of the 12 teams performed really well but only 3 could place for bronze, silver and gold. Team Dennis came 3rd, Team Amasa came 2nd and Team Tulu (leaders Baracka, Fred and Charlotte CS) won! After the presentation the older boys played football with some of the team joining in. Once the Kenya team won the match as assisted by some of the class 7 and 8 boys.

As the temperature began to cool, we came back to the hotel after a tiring day and relaxed by the pool.

We are on safari tomorrow so we will try and add the blog for day 12 but this will depend on internet connection…so do not panic if there is no blog tomorrow!!

Charlotte CS and George George – Yo parents and siblings, I’m beginning to cope with the heat, took a while though. I’m applying sun cream and the insect repellent stuff. I’m missing you all and hope you are all enjoying your selves without me, and hope you have or have had a good time at Lego Land!! The safari is next and im Very excited and have all the pressies missing and loving you loads

GEORGE XXXXXXXX Charlotte- hello fellow Crispie Smiths, how are you all? Hope your all okay and are having a good time at home with all the sporting activities going on. Tom you’ll be happy to know I have an animal mask for you (a Giraffe). Mum and Dad, secretly you miss the boom of noise I make in the house, don’t worry you only have 5 more days to wait until it all starts again. Missing you all and love you loads, can’t wait for the safari though, Char xoxoxo