Message from Mr Mayes – Due to technical issues Josh Fisher was not able to post on the blog last night. Please go back to the last post to see his post!

After our amazing weekend on safari, today we had a lie in, or you could say a lion in!! We started off with a lovely cooked breakfast back at the hotel, then after a bumpy ride in the matatus, we arrived for the first time at the site of our new land.

By lunch time, we were all ready for some food, which Emily had very kindly cooked for us back at her and Moses’s house.

After lunch, everyone was amazed by the progress the builders had made in a short space of time and even without us! Today we learned lots of new skills and are all excited to get back at it tomorrow.

We finished off by clearing the grass and trees in the surrounding area. After we had finished we were ready to head back to the hotel to have a shower as we were all extremely grubby and covered in cement!

Message to family from Joe

missing you lots and can not wait to see you again one is doing well and not missing me too much love Joe

Message to family from Beth

Hi, missing you all loads, cant wait to see you and tell you everything about it. I cant believe its nearly at the end of the trip, we’ve all had such a great time.

see you soon :)  love you loads,

Bethan xxxx