Woke up to a plateful of pancakes and waffles, bliss! Went downstairs to the matatu’s and squeezed in with 24 cases and at least 9 of us sitting on each other. We hired some wheel barrows and a couple of strong looking guys to follow behind with the cases, saved us a lot of hassle because the cases were so heavy and wouldn’t roll on sand. We planned to visit twelve different families who Moses had personally selected; these families needed what we could offer the most. It felt so good to be doing something for them and to witness their faces instantly change to a smile couldn’t be any more amazing! We had two cases for each family that was filled with clothes, shoes, toys, maize, rice and malaria nets. The families were huge. One man had 6 wives- lucky guy.  They were living in such small shacks that had only one bedroom or none at all. A family was even sleeping on concrete. It was hard for us to take it in because of all the things we take for granted we don’t actually realise the extent of this poverty. When we handed the cases over the families were so appreciative and the children followed us around the rest of the villages holding our hands and refusing to let go- so sweet! Next we went to the children’s home, it looked pretty nice and we couldn’t wait to meet the people there.  It was an all boys home, which surprised most of us but they were friendly and showed us around. It was great to see that people are making a difference, without this home these boys would have no chance for education or even be on the streets. Sang our interesting version of Hukuna Matata followed by a new choice of Halle Halle Halle, you may know it! They seemed to love it, an improvement! After the home, Moses took us back to his house. It was really nice and had a welcoming feel to it. His wife, a teacher at Mtwapa Academy, surprised us with lunch. Tasted so good that we all ate way too much. Then we came back to the hotel for a well deserved dip in the pool and stroll down the beach. It’s over week in and we’ve done so much, back to building tomorrow and the mini Olympics- can’t wait!

Luce and Rhiannon

Rhiannon-  Hey mum,dad,and maria and mason! Having such an amazing time here. Cant believe we are over a week in. Missing you so much! Hope everyones well,cant wait to see you and stop worrying about me,hehe!  Thankyou maddie for following the blog,its great! See you all very soon, love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Luce- Hey Priors, hows it going? Still having an awesome time! Maiz i will be back home soon so don’t get too used to bonding with mum. Hows moving house? Hope you’re cool dad, taken some good photos to show you! Mum stop calling me lulu haha. Missing you a little bit, not much though. Love you, Luce!