Day one!

Wow,what an experience today has been. The flight journey was something that was a shock for some of us who
had never been on a plane before. 8 hours on a plane,a very long time but the journey seemed to go fast. Everyone was enjoying  sleeping,chilling and also having the enjoyment of their own tv, but being woken up at 2.15 for breakfast wasn’t pleasant, but some more grouchy then others. We had to get on 2 flights to reach our destination- ‘Mombasa’. We were rushed onto the second flight after being pulled along through customs. The second flight was short and sweet and seemed to please everyone.

After we had reached Mombasa, we were put onto a mini bus and along with our suitcases we were driven to our hotels through the slums, which shocked us all becasuse of the poor quality of life they had. Once greeted by the staff at the hotel,who were very friendly, we dumped our bags off and headed for some lunch by the poolside which took for ever to come! But was worth it. Then our guide, Moses greeted us and we got onto some funky mini bus (Mtatu) that is used round the local villages and we felt like celebrities as it was such a privilege. We got off near a market and walked towards the first school, Sagail nursery. When we walked into the Sagail nursery, the very sweet children had put on a small performance for us that was oustanding.
Then it came for our chance to sing to the nursery, we sang hakuna matata, everyone was clapping and singing along and it was great to see. We were no way near as good as the nursery but they still enjoyed it. They showed us round the nursery where the students before us (in 2010) had left there mark. Then we took a walk to the Mtwapa academy which was a primary school. As the gates opened, imediatley we were greeted by songs.
Everyone seemed pleased to see us. They too put on a show that lasted a while but was worth it! It was amazing to see them perform in Swahili. Then they showed us around their school which made some people emotional because it was nothing compared to what we had back in England. As we were about to leave for the day, they all shook our hands and seemed so excited, but we had to go unfortunately, back to the hotel in the funky mini buses called a mtatu. Now we are going to have dinner. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.
Having an amazing time miss you all :)

Rhiannon- Hi mum,dad,maria,mason and all my family and friends. I have had an amazing first day and the experience is amazing, hope your not missing me to much, is the house quiet without me? say hi to alfie and oscar,see you soon,love you xxxx

Luke- Hi all missing you sooo much :) Hope you aren’t missing me too much cuz im missing you loads!!!! and you too H ;) Any way see you soon, love you :) xxx