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South Africa

Reflecting on our time in South Africa

Had a life changing experience, seeing the things in the schools and squatter camps it has been a trip i will never forget withloads of memories and funny moments. Had a great two weeks with everyone. (Elliott Pope) South Africa… Continue Reading →

Final Tour of the Squatter Camp (Day Fifteen)

Hello everybody, today we started our second to last day in South Africa by again eating eggs and bacon on toast but yet with Luckys cooking it remains as enjoyable as the previous morning. His cooking will be widely missed… Continue Reading →

Day Fifteen Vlog

This is the video diary from Day Fifteen, where we have a tour around Barcelona squatter camp and visit a government school in the area.

Day Fourteen Vlog

This is the video diary from Day Fourteen, where we say our final farewells to Zama Montessori.

Fond Farewell (Day Fourteen)

100% Totes Emosh Day… We got our bacon and eggs back- yay- long missed due to the powercut from the crazy weather yesterday morning. Then we headed off in our sexy new coach to our final day at Zama. As… Continue Reading →

Day Thirteen Vlog

This is the video diary from Day Thirteen, a stormy day in Daveyton.

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