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2010 Visit

Day Nine

Hello!  We had a lie-in until half 8 today which was a nice change considering we had been getting up at 6 for the past 5 days. After having breakfast at 9 , we then started the day with a… Continue Reading →

Day Eight

Jambo! Well what a day today has been! in my opinion (laura) the best so far! This morning we went to the nursery. When we arrived the plasterers were just doing the last touches to the walls and were just… Continue Reading →

Day Seven

Hey hey hey! What a great start to the day! an whole hour extra lie in bed! This meant that breakfast was at 7:30, and we left at 8. We headed straight to the nursery, and got stuck in with… Continue Reading →

Day Six

We woke up early for the last time this week (6am) so the other two groups could go to Amina’s house to cook. We arrived at Mtwapa Academy at 7:30am (ish) for the morning assembly. Then Wubba Jake, Laura and… Continue Reading →

Day Five

This morning we were all tired apart from Ellie (obviously a morning person unlike the rest of us) the time we woke up was 6. We went to the Mtwapa Academy school. My group (Jamie’s) and Drew’s went to a… Continue Reading →

Day Four

Hello! :-) Well, today has been very eventful. We started our day by waking up very early, we were all so tired as the night before we were entertained by masaii tribe. They performed to us by unusual dancing and… Continue Reading →

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