Hello all.

Off to school again today with another early 6:15 wake up call, although we prefer the lay in’s!

After breakfast, we jumped on the bus ready to go! When we arrived at the school, we were greeted by all the children excited to see us. We then had an assembly with all the children and teachers deciding who was to do what. We  set off to work, in three different groups. One group teaching the older children, another teaching the younger children and the last group laying rocks for the new path. The day consisted of us all swapping tasks, until after lunch when we all came together to try and finish the path. It has been another wonderful day at the school and we are excited to see what tomorrow brings us.

Brad – Hi everyone, times flying here in sunny SA although the night times are not as pleasant as it is cold! Missing you all but not to worry as only a week is between coming back to you. love you all loads and I am hoping that Charli is not being a pain in the but! Not long till I’m home :)

Jasmine-Hey everyone:)  I can’t believe how amazing it is here in South Africa. I’m missing you all so much, hope you are all ok, not long now until we meet again :) haha. Love you all so much, and miss you lots, Love Jas xxx

Steph- Hello everyone! Hope you are all well I am having a great time! Lots of Love Steph! xx