7:15am in the Big Brockington House.

Everyone was woken up by a stampede of loud banging from the herd of Marston and Dunmore. The group gathered downstairs to a cooked and early breakfast and soon after we were on the coach travelling to the Center of Origin, which is located in the CBD of Johannesburg. The Brockington group met up with the children from the school and we started a tour of the exhibition. Many school children found it interesting learning about where we all came from and how we evolved. Many displays were on show and even a few skeletons. Once we had lunch we travelled, to what we thought, was the school but Johnny (our bus driver) decided to take us on a little adventure. The bus halted outside Nelson Mandela’s most recent house, where he unfortunately passed away. Outside the house were an array of colorful stones with personal messages on from the public wishing Mandela well whilst he was ill. It was a sight to see! The school was our next destination. As we got off the bus we were attacked by a swarm of excited school children that we’d seen earlier. Some continued with the path whilst others entertained the children. Overall, the day was extremely tiring and we cant wait to get our heads down for a good nights sleep.

Meanwhile, as we are writing this blog Charlie is frantically running around the house, following clues to find his beloved apple crumble. He has found it and he is now the new and improved Man vs Food.

Lucy- Hi, missing you all at home so much. Mum hope you have an amazing birthday coming up in the next few days. Can’t wait to see you all again soon xx

Edan- Hi all! Missing everyone so much. Can’t wait to see everyone back home. Picko’s, hope your having a lovely time on holiday with the massive. Lots of love, Edan xxx

Adam- Hi, been missing you and can’t wait to see you, it has been an emotional yet an amazing experience. Love you all and hope you are all well ,love Adam x