Revision Information

Revision Information

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On the run up to your exams in the summer it is very important that you revise regularly and effectively to maximise your chances of getting the best grades and also to reduce your stress levels! All of the staff at Brockington are here to support you with your studies, so make use of all the opportunities you are given for guidance and revision for the remainder of the year.On this page you will find a range of resources to help you succeed in the summer including the extra-curricular support timetables, a list of recommended revision guides for all subjects and the revision planner you worked with during Enrichment Day! For every subject, you will also find links to the past papers for each exam board and other resources that you might find helpful.

Each department has put together a Personal Learning Checklist to show you which topics to revise for the summer and to help you plan out your revision. To make the best use of these checklists, look through the topics and RAG rate them (Red, Amber, Green) depending on how confident you are with them. You should then aim to spend more time revising the topics you’ve marked red than the ones you’ve marked green.

Remember, every one of you taking exams this year deserves to do well and with hard work and perseverance all of you will succeed!

Good luck!

Easter Holiday Programme

Subject Personal Learning Checklist Past Papers Revision Resources
Computing Checklist Pearson Edexcel Papers Please see your teacher for the college revision guide.
D&T: Food Checklist AQA Papers
D&T Graphics Checklist AQA Papers
D&T Resistant Materials Checklist AQA Papers
D&T Textiles Checklist AQA Papers
Drama Checklist AQA Papers
English Language Checklist Eduqas Specimen Papers Paper 1 – BC Revision Guide
Paper 2 – BC Revision Guide
PIXL English App (login available from English teacher) – Apple Appstore | Google Play
English Literature Checklist Eduqas Specimen Papers An Inspector Calls – BC Revision Guide
A Christmas Carol – BC Revision Guide
Romeo & Juliet – BC Revision Guide
BC Poetry Anthology
Unseen Poetry – BC Revision Guide
Topic Podcasts
French Checklist AQA Papers
Geography Checklist WJEC Specimen Paper
History Checklist Pearson Edexcel Papers Please see your teacher for the Germany, 1918-39 Revision Guide.
ICT Checklist Pearson Edexcel Papers Please see your teacher for the college revision guide.
Italian Checklist AQA Papers
Mathematics Checklist AQA Papers BC Revision Guide
Hegarty Maths (login available from Maths teacher)
PIXL Maths App (login available from Maths teacher) – Apple Appstore | Google Play
Music BTEC Checklist Pearson Edexcel Papers
Music GCSE Checklist AQA Papers Unit 1 – BC Revision Guide
PE Checklist Pearson Edexcel Papers
RS Checklist AQA Papers BC – Revision Guide
Help! How do I make revision notes? (RS)
Revision Guide for both units
Additional Science Checklist AQA Core Papers
AQA Additional Papers
Biology – BC Revision Guide
Chemistry – BC Revision Guide
Physics – BC Revision Guide
Triple Science Only Checklist AQA Biology Papers
AQA Chemistry Papers
AQA Physics Papers
Biology – BC Revision Guide 1
Biology – BC Revision Guide 2
Biology – BC Revision Guide 3
Chemistry – BC Revision Guide 1
Chemistry – BC Revision Guide 2
Chemistry – BC Revision Guide 3
Physics – BC Revision Guide 1
Physics – BC Revision Guide 2
Physics – BC Revision Guide 3