More & Most Able (MAMA)

More & Most Able

What is it?

Most able – Academic Tracking and Intervention

Students in this group are generally the top 10% attaining students based on a combination of factors but primarily KS2 external data. Student performance is cross-referenced with assessments and internal data collections recorded in KS3 and KS4 to ensure those that students who were highest on entry make sufficient progress to hit the top grades in their G.C.S.E examinations.
The More and Most Able coordinator will check in with these students and ensure they remain on track, coordinating and/or offering intervention where necessary.

More able – Enrichment and Challenge

This is not a closed group but an inclusive enrichment programme available to any students who demonstrate flair or passion for a particular subject. There are a variety of clubs and trips available which are open to all students who wish to extend their knowledge and experience different learning styles and environments. For more details or to get involved see: ‘What’s On?’

My child has always been in the MAMA group, why have I not received a letter?

Under the new model for MAMA we feel that parental contact is only necessary when academic intervention is required. For example, if your child entered the school in the top 10% and but hasn’t made as much progress as their peers then we need to work together to find out why and address any issues.
Otherwise, sending letters with the single purpose of informing parents/students that they are performing in the top 10% can be divisive and demoralising for other hard working students. It can also have a negative impact on those receiving the letters as this information does not always contribute to a growth mind-set.

Who is the Co-coordinator?

Cat Bearne

Miss C Bearne, Teacher of Mathematics

What’s on:

Date Event Students Involved Staff Involved
Tuesday 22nd November Oxbridge information talk Year 10 and Year 11 (MACC) R Patel
C Bearne
Tuesday 6th December Maths Lectures, Oxford University Year 9 M Higham
Monday 16th January Extreme Physics Event Year 9 T Scoggins
K Dicketts
Wednesday 25th Janurary DEADLINE Applications for DMU Easter School
Thursday 26th January Literature at Lunchtime : The Time Machine Year 9 W Scott
C Bearne
Thursday 2nd Feb Intermediate Maths Challenge Year 11, 10 and 9 M Higham
Monday 10th – Thursday 13th April (Easter Holidays) Gifted and Talented Easter School: ADT, Dance, Drama, Law and Health Care Year 10 C Bearne
Thursday 27th April Junior Maths Challenge Year 7 and 8 M Higham
18th – 19th March Medic Mentoring Weekend Year 10 and 11 C Bearne
Thursday 23rd March Speakers 4 Schools Year 10 Alex Beard
C Bearne
Thursday 30th March Literature at Lunchtime : A Doll’s House Year 10 W Scott
C Bearne
TBC Kidzania, London Year 7 C Bearne
Tuesday 2nd May Parliament Tours Year 8 C Bearne
Thursday 25th May Literature at Lunchtime : Wide Sargasso Sea Year 10 and 9 W Scott
C Bearne
Thursday 6th July Literature at Lunchtime : A Midsummer Night’s Dream Year 8 W Scott
C Bearne

Register your interest:

We hope to set up the following activities in school throughout the next year, if you would be interested in any of the following please get in touch with Miss C Bearne on


Literature at Lunchtime:

Students read then attend lectures on some the most important texts in our canonical history. These will be followed up by seminar-style sessions in which students can analyse the texts with the addition context provided by the lectures they have attended at De Montfort Hall. A taste of university-style learning!

Coming Soon

STEM Club:

This is project based learning of things students are interested in with the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The club would have support from a nationwide organisation with awards and competitions available.

Independent Project Presentations:

Students research a topic related to problems, expectations and predictions of our future lives such as health care, fashion, travel and food. They then produce presentations on their subject matter on stage to a judging panel of Governors and senior staff members as well as an audience of parents and students.