House Competition


Photography Competition: well done to everyone that took part! All entrants get 10 points for their house for taking part, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getting more points. The scores are now in… Windsor and Stuart joint 1st with 40 points each! Everyone who entered also receives 10 points for their respective house.

Chess competition: Friday March 24th – sign up with your House captains or leaders by Tuesday 21st Mach.

Monologue Competition: to be launched in Drama by Mrs O’Hara. The theme is anti-bullying.

Draw A Teacher Competition: from the selected pictures on website (to be announced).

Girls Badminton: Year 9 Wednesday March 22nd | Year 8 Wednesday March 29th | Year 7 Wednesday April 5th

Sign up with your House captains or leaders asap.


Plantagenet Stuart Tudor Windsor
Netball  17 21 13 21
Photography  10 40  0 100
Spelling Bee
Badminton  13 10 17 8
Handball  15 27 17 13
Current Total 55  98 47 142


House Information

Plantagenet Stuart Tudor Windsor
Head of House Miss R Pilgrim Mr Carr Mr Price Mrs Johal
House Captains Daniel Langstaff
Grace Walton
Reece Goddard
Ashleigh Wilcox
Abdul Valmohamed
Paige Stone
Jack Cottis&Sarah White
Sports Captains Jamal Brown/
Henry Handford
Beth Swain
Tom Monk
Aimee Dawson
Joel Plant
Grace Wollaston
Tawanada Mutoti & Quinn Johnson
Classes B | R | T (Half) I | N | L (Half) C | O | T (Half) G | K | L (Half)