Brockington College takes the responsibility of safeguarding its students from the dangers on the internet, both in and out of the classroom, very seriously.

In the constantly evolving world of IT it is important to ensure the dangers present on the internet are continually reinforced to our pupils.  As a college we ensure that not only is e-Safety covered within IT & PSHCE, but fully embedded within all areas of the curriculum, as well as via assemblies and small group sessions. We also feel that parents have a significant role in ensuring that children stay safe outside of the classroom; whether it be on the family computer, using a tablet or an internet-enabled smartphone.

New services pop-up all the time which provide their own risks and dangers and we appreciate that it can be extremely difficult to keep up-to-date with the services your son or daughter may be using. We have created this page as a useful, continually updated reference guide for parents to keep up with the latest risks facing young people online.

Ask an Expert

We know that navigating the world of social media, keeping up to date with what online services your son or daughter is using and being aware of the dangers it could pose can be a full time job. Sometimes it’s easier to just ask someone if you have a particular concern or query. As such we have launched our ‘Ask an Expert’ service where you can email in with your queries, concerns or requests for information regarding any areas of IT use and E-Safety. Please contact us by clicking here, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Social Media (and how to protect your child)

Providing an up-to date, always relevant list of privacy settings isn’t possible due to the vast array of social media services available and the frequent changes in how to access and edit privacy settings.  

Therefore, we have collated some useful videos (to the right) which go someway to explaining what the services do, the dangers they pose, and how to make them as secure as possible.

Hopefully these guides will allow you to make an informed decision on whether the service is suitable for your son or daughter, as well as how to secure it as best as possible.



Tell An Adult. If you are unsure or concerned about something you have seen online it is vital you tell an adult. This could be your parents; an adult or friend you trust; Childline (0800 1111); or, if you are a pupil at the college, it could be your Form Tutor, Pastoral Manager or Head of Year. You can even email the pastoral team on pastoral@brockington.leics.sch.uk, or click on the ‘Report Content’ icon on your school desktop.

Cyberbullying: If you are experiencing Cyberbullying of any kind you must speak to someone so we can put an end to it as soon as possible. Please either speak to your form tutor, a member of the pastoral team, or report it using the college’s Voice It service so we can investigate as soon as possible!

Inappropriate or Illegal Content. Report it via CEOP.

And remember, if you or your child are in immediate danger call 999.

Jargon Buster

Please click on the links below to decode the jargon and find out more about some of the risks you and your child face online today:


Please see the links below for details on two highly regarded free anti-virus software packages to protect your computer. Please do investigate to make sure you find the right product for you.

Child Exploitation & Online Protection

The Child Exploitation & Online Protection Group are setup to protect children from harm online and offline, with particular focus on bringing online child sex offenders, including those involved in the production, distribution and viewing of child abuse material, to the UK courts. If you would like more information, or to report something you have seen online, please click here.

Featured Video

Please check out the links below for useful resources and information regarding online safety: