In the Year 7 programme All about Me, pupils complete seven modules all delivered by their form tutor. The modules cover several topics, including who they are, what inspires them, the relationships they have and issues such as bullying. Conflict is discussed as a theme including national and global conflicts. Healthy lifestyles, fair and ethical trading, local democracy and how they can be an active citizen, life skills including budgeting and environmental awareness are all covered throughout the year.

In the Year 8 programme Society and Me, pupils complete six modules delivered on a rotational basis by Year 8 form tutors. The modules cover several topics, including healthy living and the importance of activity, self-esteem and the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses Pupils will also examine elections and voting within in the UK, which allows them to identify how they can participate in national politics. Political systems around the world and the fairness of these, will also be studied.

In the Year 9 programme Me and the World, pupils complete seven modules delivered on a rotational basis by Year 9 form tutors. These modules cover several topics including sex education, Youth Justice System in the UK. Human rights are discussed as a theme including the topic of child carers, child worker s and the trafficking of children. Careers advice and guidance is provided through the examination of future pathways and Key Stage 4 option choices.

The PSHCE curriculums allow pupils the opportunity to work independently, and as part of teams. It encourages them gain an awareness of current political and social events and helps them to develop the skills to actively and positively participate locally, nationally and globally in society.

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Head of Department: Miss H Broadfield | Mrs R Thorpe
Teaching Staff: All form tutors deliver PSHCE programme of study

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