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End of Term Arrangements

Please click here for the End of Term Arrangements letter.


Year 11 Farewell Letter & Prom Photo Information

Please click here for the Year 11 Farewell letter.


Year 11 Prom Photo Information

We wish to inform you that Photolux Ltd, who are a local event photography business are providing the formal portrait photography and photo booth for this year’s school prom. Their website features a secure online gallery and pre-booking feature. Photos that are pre-ordered prior to the prom are 20% off the post-event prices. To pre-book photos simply log on to and enter the unique event code GF8C.

Additionally, here are the offers they are running on the evening of the prom:

  • One mounted 8” x 6” photo for £5
  • One mounted 8” x 6” photo plus high resolution image on a CD for £10
  • Three mounted 8” x 6” photos for £12

If you have any questions regarding the photography at the prom please email Matt or Tom via and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Year 9 Creative Options

Please click here for the Options Letter.

Please click here for the Options Presentation.


Work Placement Letter

Please click here for the Work Placement Letter.


SLC Parents Evening – June 2017

Please click here for the letter regarding the upcoming SLC Parents Evening.


Year 10 Spoken Language

Please click here for the Y10 Spoken Language letter.


English GCSE Texts

Please click here for the letter regarding purchasing English GCSE Texts.


Year 9 Formal Tests Letter

Please click here for the Year 9 Formal Tests letter.


School Trips to London Cancellation

Please click here for the letter regarding the cancellation of three forthcoming trips to London.


April/May 2017 Bulletin

This month’s bulletin presents my last opportunity to praise the current Year 11 pupils. I have been so impressed with their dedication to GCSE revision and I am pleased for the pupils that the exams are now upon us, so that they can demonstrate their learning. At the time of writing, we have completed one week of exams which have gone extremely well.

Thank you to parents/carers for the support given to your children during this challenging period. Special praise also has to go to our terrific team of staff, teaching and non-teaching, who have left no stone unturned in the quest to support the Year 11 pupils. I have witnessed on a daily basis their commitment and I am so grateful, on behalf of the pupils.

Keep up the hard work Year 11 for your final three school weeks.

Click here for the complete April/May 2017 Bulletin