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  • Jack's family

    Hope you all had a good flight and are not too tired for the first great day ahead of you!
    Missing you already Jack.

  • a draycott

    Goodmorning all,esspecially you Rhiannon hope you have had a good journey looking foward to reading your bloggs everyday all so jealous have an absouloutely fab start to kenya your making a diffrence! love mum dad and masonxxx

    Goodmorning Rhiannon, i hope you have had a good journey to kenya and have enjoyed yourself you are making a diffrence! i am reallly missing you already i dont know what i will do for 2 weeks i have already burst into tears twice :) but atleast i will have a tidy bedroom might let alfie sleep in your bed! love Maria xxxxxxx

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tabs – Noons not missing you yet. After school she watched TV in your room, went swimming and then had Chips, Sausage and Nuggets from the Hi-Tide. We then had to endure two episodes of Come Dine with me!
    Love to every-one there, and remember don’t scare the locals. XXX Dad/Mum/Noons

  • Kay Evans

    Hi everyone, escpecially Luke, hope you all arrived safely and managed to get some sleep on the plane. We are missing you loads already and Bella keeps looking for you. Hope you have a really good trip we are proud of you. love you loads Mum, Dan and Lauren (Luke’s family)

  • Michelle Christie-smith

    Hello all especially charlotte and George. Hope the flight was not too bad. Just here you have arrived and it is hot. Just dragging Tom out of bed…. We are all ok went running last night with deb. all happy.

    Mum X

  • Frances Clarke (food teacher)

    Hope you all arrived safe and sound, and hope all the masses of suitcases arrived safe and sound too!
    Looking forward to hearing about your exploits in Kenya, I would love some recipes that you may try whilst you are there, with pictures even better.

    Take care all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    heard you got there safe and weather is hot, last message put Dan instead of Dad. Lauren has had her hair cut and she is missing you. Take lots of photo’s, enjory your time there and yake care. Love and miss you loads. Mum, Dad and Lauren

  • Mr Green

    Well done, well done,
    Keep it up, keep it up,
    Try again another day,
    A very good team!

    Habari! I trust that by the time you read this you will have experienced the joyous and overwhelming welcome at Sagail and Mtwapa. Now you’ve got to be worthy of that welcome by throwing yourself into everything and always going the extra mile… no matter how tired you get.

    Laleni salama.

  • Miss Bloor + 9B

    Hi all,

    Glad to hear you had a safe trip. Say hello to everyone for us.

    Hope you have a lovely time, keep safe and have fun!

    Keep us up to date, take care,
    Miss B + 9B!

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Hi baby cakes, so glad to hear you arrived safely…have a fab start to an amazing trip..we are so proud of you and the whole team. Missing you oodles and oodles already….love you toad…mum dad and noon xxxx
    xxxx for everyone!

  • Irena Clark

    Hi all, super glad that you arrived safely and ‘enjoying’ the heat now! Have a great day and take lots of pictures. We are missing you though! Iri, Oskar and Freddy

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    p.s…..can Mr.Green stop leaving such lovely messages….he’s made me blub like a baby and I was doing so well xxxx (mum)

  • Kay Evans

    Hi All,

    You are in the paper page 10 of the Leicester Mercury, have got a copy for you to see Luke. Love to all xxxxxxx Luke’s Mum

  • Claire Dobbins

    Hi Everyone,

    Great to hear that you have arrived safely, can’t wait to see photos and read about all the things you are doing.
    Take care of eachother and have a great time,

    Mrs D

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hello everyone, especially George and Charlotte. Hope the journey was OK and you had a good day. Thinking of you, look after each other and enjoy!!! Don’t forget the Suncream.

  • Julie Beard

    Make sure you are checking BOTH pages of blogs(“They’re on the way “and the Sponsors page) or you’ll miss some…..confusing! :-(

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tabs – Asked Noons to type a message however the Friday fifty got in the way, then Tracey Beaker, then Greystoke Disco. Guess She’s not missing you yet :-) We are though!! Room super tidy and no Blackberry’s lying around being charged. Love Dad/Mum/Noons XXX

  • Ana Ward

    Hi all
    might be best to blog on the latest page as it comes up to save scrolling through so many, after they are read of course!. Great to see so many writing in as we wait on tenderhooks for the first message. That’s when the tears may flow!! Glad I wasn’t tracking and seeing them disappear over Libya, I would have had a sleepless night. As it was, Clarissa and all the rest were my first thought this morning and it was good to hear from school this morning as the text messageing didn’t work last night. Hope you all had a great first day as the reason for the trip takes hold. You are all up to it.
    Love, Clarissa’s Mum xxxx

  • Bev Perridge

    Hello Miss Perridge & all of you in the team. Hope you have enjoyed your 1st day?
    What a fantastic time you have ahead. Be Safe & enjoy yourselves. Can’t wait to see some photographs.
    ps. Have the hair straightners been used yet????

    Love you loads Mum Dad & James (miss you Auntie Hays) x

  • Richard Ashmore

    Hi Lucy hope you had a good journey . Mum said she spoke to you before you left . Grandma keeps checking & has seen the photo . Have a great time , see you soon
    lots of love dad xxx

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Sounds like you had a fantastic first day, we are missing you loads aswell, but glad to hear you are having a great time, love you .loads mum and Dad xxxxxxx

    Hi Luke,
    its lauren i really miss you and i hope you miss me.i heard you have had a fantastic first day and i bet you cant wait for the next.i luve you and i hope you enjoy the rest of the days and i hope you get me a presy. loads of luv lozxxxxxx

  • Christine Palmer-Smith (School Office)

    Glad you have finally arrived at Kenya after all that hardwork fundraising and transporting all those heavy suitcases. Looking forward to hearing all about what you get up to – Enjoy.

  • Mr Southall

    Hi everyone,

    Delighted that you have made it safely and have got away to such a great start. Everyone at Brockington and at home has you in their thoughts – as you can see from the blog.

    The financial and material support that you are giving to your wonderful hosts is vitally important, but it comes nowhere near the friendship, support and care that you are taking all those miles from Brockington to Kenya on behalf of both yourselves and all of us. Save a little part of this for one another, but keep giving right up until you make it home. Keep making us all proud of you.

    Very best wishes,

    Mr Southall

  • Mrs Whetton

    Hi Everybody
    Glad you have arrived safely. The sun is shining here but i am sure it is much warmer there. Looking forward to your photos and blogs.
    Mrs Whetton xx

  • Mr Molloy

    Pleased you have arrived safely and good luck on your mission! Mrs Dobbins blubbed when you left, she’ll be pleased that I report. Have a great time and do lots of good work.

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Hope your second day has gone well, have you spent any money yet or taken any photo’s or video. Look at your video camera so that you know how to change the batteries as forgot to tell you (I think it is on the side where the wrist strp is, you have to push a catch to the side). If you can’t find it I am sure someone will be able to help you
    As it hot don’t forget your sun cream and mossy spray and drink plenty of water.
    Love Mumxxxxxx

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tabs – Auntie Shelly sends a big “Woop” from the Wirral and Grandad says “The Pecker is awaiting your return”. Noons, well she’s out with Grace at the moment playing shop, I am sure she will write soon, it’s busy in Narborough though. How’s the tablet taking going, managed to swallow one in less than 10 minutes and 5 litres of water yet? Love Dad/Mum/Noons/A.Shelly/U.Dokey/Pecker/Grandma XXXX

  • Joseph Amorin

    Hi Clarissa,
    What a first day! So much done in so little time. Glad to see you have the family flair for travel! Like your mum says, collecting the suitcases must have been different than you normally have in the UK. Hope you slept well on the plane, at least until some stranger woke you at an ungodly hour for breakfast.
    Get some rest tonight, enjoy the local sightseeing then get stuck into the business at hand. Sorry to remind you (see your mums note above) remember the sunscreen and no going for a swim in some pond in the bush – as I dont want to travel to Mombasa to argue with the crocodiles ( :-) ) just to get you back!
    Sleep well. Britta and I send you our regards, and love.
    Uncle Joe and Auntie Britta (in Germany)

  • Debbie and Maisie

    Hi all, are you working hard or still relaxing by the pool!!! We are missing you my chicken xxxx

  • Debbie Robinson

    Hi guys hope all is going well, been so long since I’ve been at school, but enjoying watching what your up to. Take care x

  • alix and lydia :)

    ELLIE & CHARLOTTE JAMBO! your mother texted us to say hello to you! we are missing you both loads and it is weird not seeing you everyday we are having withdrawl with out you both i hate if you have a tan :-‘( its really hot here so HAH love you ellie & charlott lots of love missing you millions like mad XOXOXOXOXO hope you are an amazing time and cherish every moment!

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