Fundraising for 2018 has started…

…and got off to a great start!

Take a quick look at our Just Giving Page and you’ll quickly see members of the new team have got straight on with the task of raising donations and awareness.

Lois, Joe B, Megan, Joshua, Penny, Willow, Alice, Vinaya, and Noah have all created their own pages and have started fundraising. Each student (and adult member) has a fundraising target and plan that they have put together. Some approach the fundraising by doing lots of accumulative events and some are going for a couple of big events. No matter which way they choose to fund-raise there is no easy way! A lot of preparation and hard work goes into everything that is done.

The adult team, which consists of volunteer staff from or connected to Brockington College, are also fundraising. We’ve already had a Car Boot Sale on the school grounds, the next one is on August 6th. One of the team recently ran an ultramarathon to help raise funds. And it doesn’t stop there – staff from Brockington College are always willing to help out and some of them, like Mrs Bullivant, will even throw themselves out of a perfectly good aeroplane in the name of charity!