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Early wake up call today at 6:15am to get ready and have some breakfast so that we could get into school early. Being our first day at school, we were buzzing with excitement to get started, we didn’t know what to expect! When we arrived at the school, the Headteacher spoke to us on what she needed and what her aspirations were for this trip. Around 15 children had came in today (despite it being their holiday) to help us out. The group split off into different rooms and began to clear out all the supplies to ensure that the rooms were clean and tidy for a new roof to be installed. We didn’t realise that we would get that mucky, as the school was very dusty! Whilst clearing the rooms, we packed endless cardboard boxes and swept the floors for hours! For a break, we played a few footie games with the kids (they are mad about football over here!). We ate and then after lunch, we all worked as a team and finished clearing the rooms and deciding what needed to be kept. After hours and hours of hard work, we managed to organise all the supplies and the rooms were tidy and ready for renovation. We look forward to working on the playground tomorrow (and hopefully a nice tan!) so that the kids have a lovely place to play.

Karina- I hope all the family is well and thank you for all your support on this journey- i truly appreciate it! Am having a lovely time, but missing you all lots (and hope you are having a great holiday too!- enjoy yourself!) :D x

Erin- Hope you’re all well. having a great time, very tiring though! Missing home but we’ll be back before you know it. Thank you for helping us all fund-raise the money for us to come here and help. It still doesn’t feel real. Have a good rest of the holiday. love you x

Josh- Hello everyone! I hope your all having an awesome time without us  (hopefully missing us a bit too). I’m having the best time of my life out here in Africa,its only been our 3rd day here and its been truly amazing! Mum&Dad and family i’m missing you endless amounts (not forgetting phoebe too)! Love you all,bye bye for now:)

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  • Cindy Lucas

    Hope you are all having a good time. I’ve enjoyed reading the blog and will look forward to the next one. Take care all.


    Hey Edan Pickering, your mother has asked me to step up and cover the blog whilst she jets off to north Africa for a different kind of break to the one you are having, obviously she sees me as the right kind of role model? Sounds like you are working hard but having a great experience too, make sure you enjoy every second because you will be heading home before you know it! Have a nice evening and a great day tomorrow and dont worry about us, we will be fine in Morocco. Take care. Emma xxxx

  • Rachel & Dave Creed

    Hi Ellie ( and team) looks like you’ve all worked really hard today but lovely to see you all smiling and loving what your doing! Great pics from today….. Keep them coming!! Looks like your having fab weather too which is a bonus! Have a great evening and look forward to hearing about tomorrow. Love you lots Ellie, miss you from mum, dad, Big un and rooster!!! Xxxxxxxx

  • Ann Dobson

    Hi Georgia and team, it really looks like you have had a fun day today at the school the photos look fab and is it nice and hot hope so, really enjoying reading your blogs, missing you Gee although I have to say my linen basket is empty hee hee, have the time of your life all and I am sure you feel chuffed with what you have achieved so far love mum and dad, Harry is fine living the dream dad took coule of apples down the field to him tonight xx

  • The Snows

    Hi Lucy looks like you have had a fantastic day but very tiring. Good team work. It’s good seeing the photos and seeing you all. You’ve got lots of work ahead. We are at the hotel in heathrow. Snap chat Emily she is missing you, we are too. Love you mum & dad xxx

  • Helen and Ollie

    Hi Erin and everyone-you all look really well and happy but Erin I think you need to work on your house moving skills! Bet you wrote the bit about the tan!!! It look so funny-you guys are all in t shirts and shorts and the locals are in their winter coats. Loved the cooling towers in Soweto-bet the risk assessment wouldn’t let you walk between them tho!
    Missing you loads-Dad and I have been out for lunch today, going on a day out with the dogs tomorrow then dinner out somewhere in the evening-remind me again why we miss you???
    Jack will be back on Weds so peace shattered again.
    Love you loads
    Mom and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie

    Sounds like its been hard work today! Just think of the sense of achievement you will feel when its done. Loved the pics of you all working hard. Mum x

    Hi Ellie today I lost a tooth and we all played cricket/podex and me and Evie set the record of 34 runs without getting out! WE BEAT SAM! LOVE MEG x

    Hello Ellie Im still missing you lots. I got some stripy loom bands today. Love you lots Evie x

    Sam says he isn’t missing you!!! Brotherly love!

    Really proud of you. Mum x

  • valerie osborne

    Hi Georgia

    Enjoying reading the Blog and looking at the photos. So proud of you and the work that you are all doing what an experience for you all.

    love and miss you
    Grams & Grandad Mick

  • MB and Andy Tighe

    Hey Brockington Crew!
    Wow! What an amazing job you’ve already done and the work has just began. We can’t wait to hear and see more about your adventure.
    Phoebe seems lost without you Joshua and me and dad can’t believe how quiet the house is without you here. LOL!
    Keep up the good work. We Love You xoxo

  • Yvonne and Steve Wenlock

    Hi Nicole (and the rest of the team). Always look forward to reading the blog and seeing what you have been doing during the day. Looks like you have been really busy today. So proud of you – keep up the good work. Missing you lots, love Mum and Dad xx. PS, keep the photos coming it is nice to see them xx

  • Sue Lawrence

    Great to read the blog. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful experience. So proud of all of you – keep up the good work!

    Take care!

  • Ruby Anstee

    hi mols miss you “veinschnafed” love the pictures love you loads mol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol

  • Matthew & Sarah

    Hi Brad and all the team, looks like you have had a very busy but incredibly worthwhile day, what wonderful work you are doing, really look forward to reading the blog every night and lovely to see some pictures as well :-)) . You should all be really proud of yourselves as we are of you :-))look forward to reading tomorrow’s blog. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Missing you loads Brad, take care, lots of love Xxx

  • Susannah and Andy

    Hi Lucy and team.
    Glad you are having a great time and am getting some sunshine. Great to see the photos. I’ve been working in your room today and it is now clean and tidy and will stay that way for two weeks which will be a first!
    Missing you loads, love Mum and Dad xxx

  • Steve Garner

    Hi Charlie, – Really proud of what you are all doing. Looks like you are having a great time as well as doing worthwhile stuff. Enjoying looking at the pictures. Missing you lots, Dad, Mum, Emma and Caesar

  • Bob Whitehouse

    Hi Alex
    Glad you are having a good time and great experience. The photos are a wonderful way of sharing your time in SA. Keep looking cool :-) I hope you enjoy the first full day of school tomorrow. Everybody is fine here. I’m doing my best to keep James busy at work and keep asking him if he misses you! It’s rather quiet around here, wonder why? Missing you…. Dad, James, Ali and the tribe…take care x

  • Debbie Robinson

    Hi All, hard work today, but how good des it feel :) be good to each other. X

  • Shannon Creed

    Hi baby. Hope your having an amazing time! Miss you so much already, was looking for my laptop earlier but couldn’t find it anywhere (have a guess where it was ;) haha) Can’t wait to hear all about your trip and counting down the days until your home. Miss and love you millions, love Shan xxxxxxxx

  • Julie Whitehouse

    Hi Alex, good to see what you’ve been up to. Miss you lots! Work hard and have fun :-) Love Mum and James xxx

  • Helen, Paul and Tara Colderick

    Hi Stephanie it looks like you are all enjoying yourselves even though it is hard work. It is very quiet without you. Tara met up with her friends at the park to day and Claire says hello. Well enjoy your day tomorrow and work hard. It is great to read the blog to see what you have all been up to. Love from mum, dad and Tara

  • Mike McAllister

    Hey everyone. It’s great to follow the blog and see some of the amazing pictures. ncounter is not the same without you Ollie but brilliant to see the difference you are all making out there. Enjoy and embrace every moment of the trip. You are truly an exceptional group of young people be blessed in everything you do. SH

  • Crystal Mcallister

    It’s great to see such amazing photos! You all look like you are enjoying yourselves as well as working hard. I know that you will change peoples lives and they will remember you in their hearts. Very proud of all of you, treasure the moments you have.
    It’s been warm and sunny here. Crazy times tonight at ncounter with 24′ bouncy slide!! Only 2 injurys so not bad eh! Daisy still missing you like mad Ollie and asked if she could sleep in your room! Don’t worry we said no. Love to you all, take care of each other and of course Ollie much love and hugs to you. Bye for now. Xxxxxx

  • JO, J & Lois Pickering

    Hi Edan (and team). WOW – looks like you’ve made good progress. Really proud of you all – embrace this trip what you are all doing is amazing! Legs – I hope your managing without your 6 weetabix every morning x Love you always Mum, Dad & Lois.

    PS – Not so sure about Mrs G’s thoughts on being the correct role model tho, but I bet it made you laugh x

  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie,

    Hope you have had a good day today back at the school :)

    We went to David Lloyds this morning. Did a bit in the gym then went to Aquarobics. Missed you being there too! Mind you our usual instructor wasn’t there and this other man did Aquayoga instead! Wasn’t quite my cup of tea! Too slow! Anyway Megan and Evie joined in, but they kept getting the giggles! lol

    Just off out to tackle the front garden! Its looking rather jungle like!

    Looking forward to hearing what you have been up to today

    Love you loads Mum x

  • Esther Jones

    Hi Fraz, Hope your ok chick? What an amazing experience!! And enjoy your time! Very proud of you! XxX

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