Day 6 2235

Today we woke up at 5:45 as we had a busy day ahead of us. We had a room check yesterday; therefore we had to tidy our room just in case there is another surprise inspection! Then we all came down to breakfast and we all had to munch it down as fast as we could.

Firstly we went to mtwapa academy, where we watched an exciting play performed by some of their class 7 students; the story of Abraham. After the assembly we went to the library to wait for the contractors of the land Miss Heggs had purchased , where over the next week we will be helping build a whole new building which sagail nursery will own and move into when ready. We did this for them because their school is rented and in a shocking condition for the student and the teachers. The plot of land is a few miles away so we had to walk 2 miles until we actually got there. On the way there were some little alley ways about 1 meter wide that we had to squeeze through. All of the alley ways had big puddles inside them, we had to jump from wall to wall to get to the other side. We began to dig the foundation around the outskirts of a classroom under the sun beating down on us. The foundations had to be 3 feet deep, therefore we had to work really hard in order to reach that goal. Meanwhile some groups were at sagail, mtwapa and also some were helping prepare the meal with Amina.

During the afternoon we returned to mtwapa academy where we ate a delicious meal but beforehand we bowed our heads in prayer to respect the Kenyan culture. After the meal everyone split up and went to the building site and to sagail. Some of us stayed at mtwa academy where we shadowed student and participated in some very interesting lessons.

By the end of the day we were all tired and were ready to relax in the refreshing pool just before it closed.

Hi to everyone at home, just a quick message to let you know that I’m ok and Ive gained a better appreciation of the life I have in England. Also I always receive a warm welcome of hugs when I enter a classroom. Missing you all From Jack

Hi ,Josh here just had a tiring day  building and socialising with the children. I just want to let you know that i am all ok and that i am putting on plenty of sun cream on and drinking loads of water.

Ps what did you mean by ‘we have twisted dad’s arm to buy something.

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  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tabs – Another action filled day by all accounts. Manual Labour, I thought you left that for me and mum to do? …There will be changes when you get back, as we need a new outhouse building, and based upon your success today is an ideal project for you to be going on with instead of spending time with Seth. (Unless he wants to help of course)
    In Brussels as I type, weather good, not spotted any famous politicians yet, will keep you posted on any action on my blog
    Love to everyone. Dad/Mum/Noons/A.Shelley/U.Dokey/Grandma/Grandpa/MrsTubs/Jam/Pepper/Santa

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Good to see you working hard, although I couldn’t actually see you digging any holes. I hope you have been putting in some hard work and manual labour as we will have lots of jobs for you to do at home. We can’t even get ypu to tidy the garden back here.

    It was good to see the photo and one with you in it but why are your eyes closed, are you asleep or is the sun in your eyes and where are your sun glasses. remember to take your hay fever tablets if the pollen is bothering you they are in your rucksack. Hope your enjoying what you are doing and learning new skills and at the same time enjohying all you see and do and taking everything in.

    Take lots of photo’s and videos we need to see as much as we can that you see. Anyway better rush got to take Loz horse riding. Love to all in Kenya especially Luke. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Josh's Dad

    Hi Josh. I’ve just got back from leaders meeting in Horsham so have had to catch up with the blog and photos!
    It’s great to see you’ve finally made an appearance on the Blog! the pictures look great! good to see you’re working hard and being such a blessing to the community and school… Keep it up! I’m sure you’ll remember these experiences for life and make very stong friendships!
    Love you lot’s and take care ! See you soon. Dad.x

    PS Mum has bought 2 more baby rabbits!!! I didn’t really have a choice.

  • Ana Ward

    Hi everyone and especially Clarissa,

    Wow! What a fabulous thing to get going. Good luck in getting as far a you can in building this school. A lasting legacy and a further incentive to keep these visits going in the future. Build up those muscles and I believe, back me up here Miss Heggs, the best remedy for inflamed and painful muscles is an ice bath or better still, a lovely swim in a cool pool !!!

    I don’t know who’s the photographer is but the photos are stunning. Very atmospheric and natural.

    Back home we’re still having a mini heatwave but may not last the whole week. It’s nice whilst it lasts.

    Clarissa, Granny arrives tonight and so starts the great countdown to the wedding. And.. Emma and Dave have found a house and started the process of buying it. So as you can see it’s only me sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, sobbing and thinking of you….ahhh.

    Keep it up everyone, you’re doing a great job. We’re so proud of you.
    Lots of love to all but particulaly to you Clarissa. Mum XXXxxx

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Hi Bean, so proud of what you have all been doing today….and being able to buy the land for school is just amazing! xxxx absolutely loved today’s pics….is wing commander dunmore practising some ancient tribal spear dance as you attempt to bury yourself alive just to get out of watching it??!! LOVED YOUR CRAZY LITTLE SMILEY FACE….i miss you xxxx
    noon is out and about with her cronies as we speak but she is going to find a “window” later to blob you!!!! you are all pretty amazing……love to everyone……mum xxxx

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi lucy, nice to see you all on a photo together, sounds like your all working hard, nice to see you digging on one of the pics. I’ll save some gardening for you !!! I’m off to the pool. Have a nice evening eat lots and get plenty of sleep. Missing the school run lol ! Love mum xxxxxxxxxx

  • Jack Hall

    Ah, the 5.45 phone call – how well I remember…

    As far as room inspections go, nothing can quite compete with the state and stench of mine and rahi’s room! I do hope everybody remembered their socks, their toothbrushes and haven’t pulled down and mosquito nets yet.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of sagail, to see how everything’s getting on. I still find it amazing how 20 odd people can find the money to build an entire school from scratch, well done!

    Say hi to everyone for me, I hope you enjoy yourselves and get a load out of it

    all the best, jack

    p.s. if you are staying in the same hotel as last time, has shannon’s camera arrived yet?

  • Jane

    Hi Rhiannon,
    The animal photos from Day 3 look awesome and I love the giant shades! Sounds like you’re having an amazing time, a mixture of fun and hard work. I wonder who you’ll be in the play?
    Jane xx

  • Frances Clarke (food teacher)

    Wow Miss Heggs got you all out there as Labourers, well done miss!

    Sorry Jack but we are not allowed to hug you when you come into class, but I am sure everyone could hug you when you go to break.

    Get me some nice pics of you lot cooking so I can have a Kenya cooking picture display in my room. x

    Have fun and keep on digging xxx

  • Clarissa's Dad

    Hi Clarissa and everyone.
    Mum has already got there before me but I just have to ask why all the fuss about a few holes? Looks like a nice soft sandy dig, is the JCB just out of shot??? Did you all sing Hi-Ho Hi-Ho to get going – it definitely works. Any sand castles?

    Joking apart, what a fantastic thing to do, something so enduring and practical for your hosts to enjoy for years to come. Keep it up, do everything, meet everybody, and do everything you can. Can I make a special request please for a photo showing you with a spade in hand, preferably in a hole?
    Remember the song; “theres more to see than can ever be seen”? Keep taking the photos, we want at least three volumes of diary and scrap book when you get back.

    I guess its about nine o’clock there so GO TO BED!

    Love from Dad.

  • Lulu's mum

    Hi lulu,

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great to see a picture of you without your woolly hat on! You all look like you are working really hard in the heat. News from home the weather is gorgeous, I have ordered your new bed, Maiz is being pathetic I had to pick her up from school today poorly,(she is fine being dramatic as usual) she is really missing you but has just said ha ha you are going to miss “Made in Chelsea” on Monday! Love and miss you loads mum xxx

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    hi tabi why why why havent you got your hat on ?????(hum hum!)
    you wont belive this but on friday i got a bloodshot eye from a FLYING sweet!!!!
    on monday i went to brockington for a benchball competition
    BUT…we came joint last because we didnt have any subs!!(we played all 4 matches, we were sweating to bits!)
    just about to get a massssive (ginormuse) bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce(yumm) and sprinkles (yuummy)
    i miss you from the planet zog and love you to mars bars
    love and hugs to you…
    say hi to everyone there love you loads tabi love love love from noons!!!!!xxxxxxxx :)

  • Fay Willett

    Hey joy!
    Miss you loads! The house is so quiet here and your missing out on walking pooch in the long grass, he is so mardy and crying for you and mum and dad too because theyve gone away too! Its so sunny and hot here!
    Also me and eve were laughing loads at the pics because you have crept into the background!!! haha
    And love how i keep losing stuff… then finding it in your room somewhere! ha
    Miss you and love you lots
    Have fun and dont get burnt! Fay xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Shorty

    Really impressed by all of you. I hope the pool stays open longer tomorrow.

    Still all thinking of you here,


  • Debbie Robinson

    Just brilliant, you’ve had a very busy day, an prob many more to come, make sure you get pleny of rest an don’t wear the oldies out. :) Also good to read your fellow class mates messages made me smile.
    Mrs Robinson

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte

    Wow looks like a hard day in the heat digging. I have been worried because you don’t look too good in the picture and George looks concerned. Can you let me know you are ok.
    Back from swimming again. Weather fab but really quiet in the house without you. We miss you lots and cannot wait to hear from your.

    Mum and dad xxx

  • Tom ChristieSmith

    Sup charlotte. How are you? Looking forward to the safari?
    I’ve seen the hunger games. I think you’d like it.
    Missing you,Tom.

  • Jack's family

    Hi to all, some more lovely pictures today. Those of the building work illustrate well the magnitude of the challenges you have set yourselves and the difficult conditions which you are facing. It certainly looks very hard and hot work. (Jack I hope you are taking notes because I have plans for some building work in the garden…lol)

    You can all be very proud of yourselves and should by now know that your families at home are immensely proud of you as we all “watch” your experience unfold.

    You are amazing. Inspirational. Jacks Dad.

    ps mum says thanks for the message Jack. Evie had a nice birthday and Hollie took her piano exam today.

  • Charlotte O's Mum & Dad

    Hi Lottie,
    We’ve not forgotten you, just all v busy with work, school, football and the new lodger in the spare room. Don’t worry we’ll give you a percentage of the income and you can start to build yourself a flat in the back garden with your new found skills.
    As you’ll have seen from other folks messages the weather has been great for March so the piggies have been grazing on the long grass and Paddy & Max have been outside and had their first (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th) bath of the year.
    Liked the picture of you from day 3 or 4, it must have been the moment you were told to tidy your room?!
    Nanny sends her love and Grandma has started to follow the blog at home so she may even leave a message for you before too long. Did you see George’s first blog? He’ll probably have another go this weekend.
    Must go now as the Apprentice is starting! dum der dum der dum der dum der dum der dum der dum der dah. Keep up the hard work and try to write as much as you can each day in your notebook. Love to you, Katie and many thanks to all the adults out there making this possible. x

  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Ellie, another fab day. All these new skills you’re learning! just think of the possibilities around the house when you get home. Ask Miss Heggs to let you help out with the locals ironing piles……….
    We are so proud of you all. Keep up the good work.
    Love you my hardworking little chicken
    Love Mum and Dad.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Amy, Jay and Reiley

    Hi Ellie,

    How are you? Sorry we havent msgd sooner didnt even know this existed durr LOL looks like your having such a great time we are all missing you loads but so proud of you. Your all doing such a great job. Reiley sends lots of love and kisses and we cant wait to see you when you get back and hear all about this amazing experience, lots of love Amy, Jay and Reiley xxxx

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George, looks and sounds like a long, hot day of working hard but all of you are taking part in something that will make a real difference to so many! The pictures are great and it helps to see you well and happy, although you do look hot and a little sunkissed, use lots of suncream please! Make sure you are taking care of yourself and each other. Try to take lots of photos and video to share with us. Goodnight, love you, Mumxxx

  • Irena Clark

    Fantastic pictures! Keep digging. Well done, guys.
    For Mr Clark: Freddy’s vocabulary has extended to: ‘More food, where Daddy, nenenene, Oh dear all gone (food).
    Oskar was very intersted in the safari pics and loved the giraffes…
    The weather is fabulous here and even better as I broke up for hols today! Haha.
    Take care.

  • Sue Lawrence

    Hi all

    Keep up the hard work and look after each other. Great to think you are doing something for all the little ‘uns and will have started something so important to so many people when you leave. Keep smiling! Sue

  • Emma + Granny

    Hi Clarissa, its Granny :-)
    I’ve arrived at Gatwick and Emma was waiting for me (EW – someone she made friends with on the flight walked out with her, and her first response was “ooo she looks so English!”). I’m staying at her house until sunday, then up to Mum and Dad’s. We’ve read through the blog so far and look at all the photos. I saw your back in a photo – you should be facing us instead! The people look so poor but happy that you’re there – everyone is smiling. The foundations for the new school look very deep – did you help dig them? Must be very hard on your hands.
    I love you very much. Hope you have a good day tomorrow and I will look at the photos again. Granny xxxo

  • Sian Evans

    Hey Luke

    Just been catching up on the blog. The photo’s are amazing so hat’s off to photographer. Its nice to see a pic of all of you, maybe next time you could even open your eyes Luke? lol. Bet your all loving the pool after a long hot day. Seriously its a fantastic thing your all doing and its great that you will have something there as a legacy.

    Keep working hard and having fun

    Sian, Dan and Mabs x

  • Christine Palmer-Smith (School Office)

    Great photographs they really give us an idea of the environment you are in. Enjoying following your hard work and progess during your time in Kenya.

  • Mrs Whetton

    Hi Everybody
    You are all working so hard to make a difference …and from the photos you certainly are doing just that! The digging looks hot but it will be worth it when it is finished and your hard work will be there for a long time.Keep posting the photos and blogs are brill
    Mrs Whetton xx

  • samir mehta

    Hello Rumit

    Have you been spending a lot of time in the sun as you seem to be cooking nicely. Seriously please use the sun cream and don’t forget to wear your hat.

    Just looking at the photos makes us feel overwelemed by the challages ahead of you as group. We wish you all the best as you are all making us feel so proud with all you are acheiving there.

    Mum, Dad & Jinay

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,

    Can we see you smiling on one of photo’s so we know your are ok. Dad says why are you weariing your trainers and not your walking boots? Everybody send their love including all the animals. Anyway hope you have another good day and get diggings. Love you loads Mum,Dad and Lauren. xxxxxxxx

  • a draycott

    my 5 go a getting on blogg hate computers hope today has gone well loving the pictures all look very hot and sweaty .would be lovly to know what the names of the people are in the photo so we could put names to faces . dad said you can labour for him when you get back he said hes better boss then me really proud not just of you rhino but the whole kenya team love to all and hugs and kisses to you xxxxx

  • Karen Ray

    Really proud of all of you out there, your achievements are incredible, also the people from previous Kenya trips, thanks for posting. Keep going and look after each other, I hope you get a rest at the weekend.


  • Drew's Mum

    Hi Drew & Klaire, Looks like you’re all doing a really good job out there. So very proud of you. Will have to catch up on the blog next week when we get to Britain. Take care all, keep your hat on!
    Love Mum & Paul xx

  • Bev Perridge

    Hi Miss P & the team. What a fantastic job you are all doing. All of You should be very proud. It Can’t be easy in the heat. Love looking at the blog. (love you Auntie Hay’s you’ll be pleased to know I am better now. Jamesx) Take Care all Hayley’s Mum x

  • Jean & Vittorio De Giovanni

    Hi Franklin

    Following your adventures every day – your building skills should be really great by the time you get back home – Dad`s going to appreciate it! Loved the new photographs, can see what a busy schedule you have each day. What beautiful weather you are enjoying as well, bet you appreciate a dip in the pool each day. Keep up the good work and have fun.

    Love you

    Nanny & Grandad xxx

  • lydia and alix:-)!

    JAMBO, me and alix are bored so have decided to write to our babies ELLIE QUINN AND CHARLOTTE CHRISTIE-SMITH! i hope your having an amazingggg time and maths and english is very quiet without you char! we miss you both loadssssss and everything seems so much quieter when your not around:-( you’ll be happy to know, its boiling hot in england MWUHAHAHA, but unfortunately there’s still no sign of tanning:-(, anyway- LOVE YOU BOTH AND MISS YOU LOADS, HAVE AN AMAZING TIME MY BEAUTIFULS, MWAAAH XOXOXOXOXOXOX

  • Aunty Michelle

    Jambo Tabs
    We are very proud of you and looking forward to seeing you very soon.
    Sending lots of love xxx
    Aunty Michelle & Uncle Dokey

  • Ellies little friend

    Hi Ellie,
    Its Alice from across the road hope your having a good time were getting ready to go on holiday tomoz. See you when we get back

    love from

    P.S everybody misses you!

  • Dawn and Baz Dunmore

    hi JD keep trying to send you a comment. Enjoying the photos and blogs. You are all doing a great job well done.Cant believe you lost that banana – you need all the calories you can get! !Missing you but still loads in the fridge and not been shopping love mum and dad xxx

    • Dawn and Baz Dunmore

      Hi JD sounds like you have had another very busy day. Seems it is getting hotter. You will all be ready for a rest at the weekend. Well done to all of you. Enjoy the weekend and prepare for more hard work next week. Been hot here but due to change, off to the van tomorrow to open up, will catch up with the blog on sunday love mum and dad xxx

  • Elise

    Hey lucylooA,
    Missing you loads and I think it might be a bit sad that I am counting down until you get back but at the same time I think you will be having an awesome time! Been looking at the pictures and it looks really hot I hope you haven’t got sunburnt yet! It has been really hot back here in england and that reminds me I have been missing you in English anyway missing you best friend
    Love you from Elise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy and all,
    I missed yesterday’s blog been thinking about you all day, it’s really nice to catch up tonight. Your all working so hard .
    Times gone so fast cant believe it’s been a week, make the most of every day you have , your all making a difference .
    Life is for living so go for it and Keep smiling. loving all the photos your all amazing .

    Lucy -: People at school and swimming are asking about you and send their love . I keep saying to look at the blog. so proud of you and what your all doing.
    Hope your all sleeping well and haven’t picked any bugs or bites up. Looking forward to tomorrows blog. Night night xx xx xx xx

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