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Day two:
We were all wonderfully awoken at 6:20am and into the restaurant by 7:30, the buffet included a wide variety of continental foods including waffles and pancakes. We met Mosses again and took our tour of the city. We started off with ride in a Mtatu ( a large mini van/ taxi in Swahili) there are lots of them around. After the wild and exciting journey we went to told slave market which is now a green grocers and butchers. We then proceeded into the old town of Mombasa. The shops and houses were very different to the ones back in England. All the shop items were handmade. There are huge contrasts between rich and poor people, even on the same street, doctors and lawyers mansions on one side and poor people begging on the other. Then we made and a long and extensive walk to Fort Jesus,  a Portuguese fort with the shape of Jesus on the cross. They had this to keep out rival businesses and people from rebelling. We then visited a children’s home who were very welcoming. It was fun as the children did a little welcome song for us even though we were unexpected. We then made a small donation of 2000 Kenyan Shillings. Although it was little they we still very happy and appreciated it which we all found very emotional. Then we walks 2 miles to the amazing tusks of Mombasa. Then we proceeded to the ferry where we were greeted by many smiling faces shaking our hands. Wet then went across the river and back as it is not structurally possible to build a bridge across such a vast space. We then came back on a Matatu to the hotel. After 2 jam packed days we managed to spend some time by the pool.

Franklin: the hotel is very nice and the pool is amazing. The town is busy and full of very happy people. When we saw the kids yesterday it was amazing to see how happy they are with so little. We have met with many people as we stand out from everyone else.

Rumit: Kenya is amazing!! The hotel is really big and there is a badminton court, table tennis table and lots of swimming pools. I’m missing you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy birthday Mum, love joy x x x x

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  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    looks like you had another fun packed day, Hope you bought some things at the market, and don’t forget Loz wants a pressie. Weather has been good here today. missing you loads.Just about to cook dinner as Loz just got back form stables your dad has been talking again.
    Everyone sendstheir love including Bella. Molly, casper, Cole, Oakley and spike. take care love you Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Ellie,

    Sounds as though day two was just as good as day one. Did you spend any money today? (Silly question). We are all missing you and think of you often. Josh keeps asking where you are and then proceeds to tell us where you are. He says the lions will be nibbling your toes. We all send our love and await a message from you. Shelby is missing you and Jazz is following your progress on the blog. Are you wearing your retainer?
    Nana and Grandpa, Auntie Elaine and Uncle Dan all send their love.
    Love you gorgeous girl.
    Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy,
    We hope your having a great time and enjoying Kenya, it sounds amazing! Haven’t seen you on any pictures yet. Molly is missing you lots and can’t wait for you to come home!!
    Lots of love from all of us xxxxxxx

  • Ana Ward

    Hi again everyone and especially Clarissa.

    Sounds like a very busy day, you are seeing so much and creating so many memories. I hope you took plenty of photos as we really want to share all this. The few photos posted yesterday are humbling, we have so much and don’t appreciate it. Enjoy tomorrow and work hard on Monday. Lots of love,

    Clarissa’s Mum

  • Josh's Dad

    Hi Josh it all sounds Fab!! plenty of walking, lots to see and it’s great to hear about the reception’s your getting from everyone!
    Mia had a sleep over last night for her birthday… guess whos room they slept in..l
    it’s been quite warm here today but nothjing like in Kenya I bet. even still we have had our first BBQ of the year!

    don’t forget to put suncream on! Love you lots. have fun and take care. Dad.

  • a draycott

    hello ran ran your second day sounds great just like the first .was the tusks what dick was talking about. Every one sends there love weather here is warming up think having bbq tomorrow ????????????????? . maria is missing you like crazy and mason a little :) dads off on scooter but sends his love and hugs same from me missing you love mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hiya Rhiannon second day sounds fantastic im really plased for you. i have seen the photos of you at the school, The weather here is hot but certainley not as hot as where u are you sound like your having a great time im still really missing u and its really quite here luv you loads and see you soon have a great day tomorrow lots of love Maria xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Bev Perridge

    Hello Miss Perridge & team . Wow, are there more than 24 hours in a day in Kenya?? Action packed, but gald you’ve relaxed by the pool. How fantastic. You should all be so proud of yourselves. Have got the piece out of the Mercury. Can’t see you though Hays, Its not the photo that is on the blog.
    Guess what? James wants to learn all the words to the song you all sang from the lion king, so he can sing it with you when you get home. whoops senior moment can’t remember what its called sorry!!
    Enjoy making what will become fabulous memories. Take care from Hayleys Mumxxx

  • samir mehta

    Hi Rumit

    Glad to hear that you’re all having a great time. Make sure your taking lots of photos, so we can all share in your experiences there. Hope you got some time to buy some souvenirs. Make the best of your time as you all will be very busy from Monday.

    Best regards to all & missing you lots.

    Mum Dad & Jinay

  • Jack's family

    Sounds like you had another amazing day – girls are missing you Jack – Oliver is sleeping over tonight – he misses you too . Its been warm here but not as warm as where you are!!! Keep putting your mosquito spray on!!! hope your eye is ok.
    miss you – have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    love everyone

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte c-s and everyone. Sounds fab day but glad you got to cool down in he pool. Hope everyone is getting along well and that you are enjoying the sites together. Just back from gala. Dad is riding his Cheshire Cat tomorrow -wish him good luck. Love you mum, dad and Tom xxx

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George, and everybody, sounds like you are getting a real taste of Kenya, what a great experience. Make the most of every second, make new friends and enjoy. We all miss you, so take care and don’t forget the sun cream.
    Lots of love from us all xxxxxxxxxx

    PS full sporting update tomorrow on the weekends events including Jarrod and I riding the Cheshire Cat……..Miss you, love Dad :)

  • Andy Griffith

    Hi Melissa,

    Wow! The trip sounds amazing, hope you are giving lots of pens and pencils out. Enjoy the hot weather and we look forward to seeing some photos.

    Love Mum, Dad and Lucy

  • Eloise Ray

    hi all!
    i think this trip will be a real eye-opener for you! every body back in britan sulutes you!
    i hope the hotel is good and your getting as much sleep as possible! here is a note to fred:

    fred, the cat’s going crazy! she chewed my gitar case and is eating the heads off flowers!

    bye! from eloise.

  • Jo Wyeth

    Hi Guys

    Sounds like you are all having such a wonderful experience and have done so much already and you’ve only been there a couple of days!!! Cherish every moment and store the memories away safely and remember what a difference you are all making!! I am really jealous of you all…have fun :)

    Jo Wyeth

  • annette willett

    Morning Joy and everyone……wow day 2 sounds amazing…love the early morning wake up…thats a lie in for you Joy on a saturday ha ha…….hope you are all eating and drinking enough…sounds like what you are doing will need lots of energy…great to hear about all the places you have already visited.
    Reggie is on the field as i write with dad of course and all the other puppies at the club..he has lay on your pillow a few times we think he has noticed you are not here…mind you we have all noticed how tidy the lounge is….no empty cups of food wrappers to be seen! Hope Lucy is coping with you being untidy in your room LOL
    anyway love you lots, keep caring because what you are doing there matters!

    from the Willett gang

  • Alan Cook

    Hi Lucy,
    We are following your progress with great interest. Hope that you are having a wonderful time. lots of love Grandma & Grampy

  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Ellie,

    Can’t tell you how happy I was to get your email. It sounds as though you are having the most wonderful time. Can’t wait to see some more photos hopefully with you in some. Make sure you keep your camera charged and take plenty more so we can share a little bit of this wonderful time with you. Karra and Josh both send their love. Karra is really missing you. Josh wants to know if the lions have nibbled your toes yet. The weather here is gorgeous but won’t compare to Kenya. Glad to hear you are wearing your retainer. Please remember plenty of suncream and mozzy spray.
    My purse is a lot healthier without you!!!!!!!!!
    Love you all the 2’s and to the moon, rocket and stars and back.
    Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS Dad sends a big kiss

  • franklins family


    george says = hi frank hope you are having nice time. we are having good time in lanzarote

    luca says = hi

    mum and dad say = love you loads and missing you

  • Clare Darby

    Evening all
    Glad Day 2 went well and by the time you get this, Day 3 will be under your belt – how fast time flies! Glad you are getting acclimatized to a different country with all the sights, sounds and smells it brings! Might bring your Geography lessons to life! Looking forward to hearing how your first day at the school goes and what you plan to get done during the rest of the time there. looking forward to the next post!
    Take care
    Clare Darby

  • Uncle

    Blimey! Some vicious looking beasts out there – I hope the animals aren’t too scared.
    ;-o xxxx

  • Lauren&Alice

    Hi Lucy! it sounds like you are having an amazing time! We decided since we have nothing to do, in music (because we’ve finished the assessment) and we’re bored that we’d send you a loooooooovely message… Ok so tuesday morning blues have kicked in so now we can’t remember what we were going to say.. Hope this has boosted your spirits anyway!
    lots of love from back home in (surprisingly) sunny England,
    Alice and Lauren

  • Uncle Mark

    Hi Rhiannon, it sounds like you are having a great time. Now that you have learned how to paint etc. does this mean you will be redecorating your room! Any how the weather here has been hot, approx 22-23 degrees, how does this compare to where you are?
    Look forward to seeing you on your return. Lots of love

  • Uncle Mark

    hi rhiannon it sounds like your having a wonderful time in kenya hope your enjoying it ! see you soon love Darcy xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Slade Coates

    Hi franklin, hope your having a good time buddy, getting a bit boring without you.

  • Maureen Chamberlain

    Hey Kevin when you pack to come back could you pop that yellow thing in the sky for me! Love Maureen

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