Day 1- Arrival 2577

Day one!

Wow,what an experience today has been. The flight journey was something that was a shock for some of us who
had never been on a plane before. 8 hours on a plane,a very long time but the journey seemed to go fast. Everyone was enjoying  sleeping,chilling and also having the enjoyment of their own tv, but being woken up at 2.15 for breakfast wasn’t pleasant, but some more grouchy then others. We had to get on 2 flights to reach our destination- ‘Mombasa’. We were rushed onto the second flight after being pulled along through customs. The second flight was short and sweet and seemed to please everyone.

After we had reached Mombasa, we were put onto a mini bus and along with our suitcases we were driven to our hotels through the slums, which shocked us all becasuse of the poor quality of life they had. Once greeted by the staff at the hotel,who were very friendly, we dumped our bags off and headed for some lunch by the poolside which took for ever to come! But was worth it. Then our guide, Moses greeted us and we got onto some funky mini bus (Mtatu) that is used round the local villages and we felt like celebrities as it was such a privilege. We got off near a market and walked towards the first school, Sagail nursery. When we walked into the Sagail nursery, the very sweet children had put on a small performance for us that was oustanding.
Then it came for our chance to sing to the nursery, we sang hakuna matata, everyone was clapping and singing along and it was great to see. We were no way near as good as the nursery but they still enjoyed it. They showed us round the nursery where the students before us (in 2010) had left there mark. Then we took a walk to the Mtwapa academy which was a primary school. As the gates opened, imediatley we were greeted by songs.
Everyone seemed pleased to see us. They too put on a show that lasted a while but was worth it! It was amazing to see them perform in Swahili. Then they showed us around their school which made some people emotional because it was nothing compared to what we had back in England. As we were about to leave for the day, they all shook our hands and seemed so excited, but we had to go unfortunately, back to the hotel in the funky mini buses called a mtatu. Now we are going to have dinner. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.
Having an amazing time miss you all :)

Rhiannon- Hi mum,dad,maria,mason and all my family and friends. I have had an amazing first day and the experience is amazing, hope your not missing me to much, is the house quiet without me? say hi to alfie and oscar,see you soon,love you xxxx

Luke- Hi all missing you sooo much :) Hope you aren’t missing me too much cuz im missing you loads!!!! and you too H ;) Any way see you soon, love you :) xxx

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  • Anna Quinn

    Wow, what an amazing first day. I am crying as I read this. It must have been a very big slice of humble pie you all ate.

    Come on Ellie, send us all a message.

    Love Ellie’s Mum

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Sounds like you had a fantastic first day, we are missing you loads aswell, but glad to hear you are having a great time, love you .loads mum and Dad xxxxxxx

    Hi Luke,
    its lauren i really miss you and i hope you miss me.i heard you have had a fantastic first day and i bet you cant wait for the next.i luve you and i hope you enjoy the rest of the days and i hope you get me a presy. loads of luv lozxxxxxx

  • Jack's family

    It sounds like youve had a very long and tiring day – wish we had been there to hear you sing hakuna matata !!!!!!! It must have been so emotional visiting the school – it sounds like you had a fantastic reception – you will all sleep well tonight !

    love you Jack x

    • Andy Griffith

      Hope you all had a great day, you wil sleep well tonight. I am jealous of you all, love Lucy ( Melissa’s beautiful, amazing and super sister)
      hi sounds Iike you have all had a very good day, hope you all get lots of sleep. Love Erin

  • Ana Ward

    Hi Clarissa,
    Well, what a first day! So much done in 30hrs or so. Glad the flight went well, it must have been fun collecting all those suitcases. The reception you got at the schools sounds wonderful, I’ll bet there wasn’t a dry eye when the little ones sang to you. Maybe you should all practise a ‘happy’ pop song to sing on your last day? Have a lovely, touristy weekend before getting to the serious business on Monday. And don’t forget the sunscreen! Sleep well.
    Love, Mum XXX

  • Sian Evans

    Hey Luke, Just been reading your blog sounds shattering but amazing. Would have loved to have heard you guys singing Hakuna Matata, very original had to laugh :O) Have a fantastic time and enjoy, this is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Looking forward to seeing updates love Sian and Dan x

  • Julie Beard

    Your first day seems to hint at many things to come. Sleep well tonight and have a wonderful day tomorrow. {:-}) xxxxx

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George,
    It is so exciting to read about your amazing first day, you are all experiencing something very special! We all miss you and love you lots!

  • a draycott

    WOW! what a first day cant wait to read more! you made page 10 of the mercury so proud enjoy every second miss you loads love you more mum and Dad xx

    Hello rhiannon good to know you have had a great day:) i love you loads and miss you lots you are the best sister i thought i wouldent miss you but i do! atleast its quite!!!! i have said hello to alfie and oscar like u said have a lovely day tommorow cya soon luv maria xxxxxxx

    hi rhino hope you have had a fantastic day with the children hope the song went well we all miss u see u in 15 days love u from your anoying brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cathy Goddard

    Glad u all arrived safely. Thinking of you, especially Franklin and Tabi. Sounds like you had a busy first day. Hi to all the staff have a great time.

  • Charlotte O's Brother George

    Hi Charlotte

    Hope your having a great time so far. Its Sport Relief today and I ran the mile with the school but still thinking of you. Just have fun & work hard.

    Love from George :)

  • samir mehta

    Hi All

    Hope you are well and adjusting to the heat. We are all pleased with what you achieved and will be doing there. Just been looking at your photos on the website & in the paper.

    Rumit we are all missing you, especially your little brother.
    Looking forward to reading all about your future adventures. Lots of love to all from Rumit’s family.

    • anup mehta

      Hi Rumit
      nice to hear from you
      sounds like you are having a wonderful time over their
      have fun and a lot of photographs
      best wishes
      anup, prafulla, neal, neha, komal & trishul

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte! Sounds like you all got a great welcome … must have been pretty cool. Hope you’re not feeling too grumpy after the overnight flight. Remember the sun cream, mozzy spray, etc … we’re all really excited for you, but missing you loads (dad: my ears have stopped bleeding already! Just kidding (the damage is permanent anyway).) Sleep tight … Love you xxx

  • emily snow and emilie hames

    Hey Sarah, Klaire and Drew
    Snowy and Emilie here just want to say you know this trip will not be as good as the last one… Please can you say hello to Moses for us pretty please and we hope you have a great time, making the most of it because it will be over before you know it. Keep us all updated.
    Love from
    Emily and Emilie
    P.s. hope this group is as gullible as we were (stone coloured paint, left handed srewdriver and the whole ‘how to make a milkshake scenario, invloving cows on trampolines!!)
    P.p.s Don’t ask Drew anything ’cause he doesn’t know!
    P.p.p.s Keep all biscuits away from baboons!
    P.p.p.p.s I can now swallow tablets whole without hesitation. Hail Kenya 2k10

  • Jack Hall & co

    hello all!

    have to agree with emily and emilie, it’s gonna be hard work to beat the last one. we’re looking forward to seeing some photos and finding out what you get up to, with all the blonde moments included!

    have fun, stay safe, and try not to video any hosepipes,
    from everyone in the Hall household

  • Molly Beazley

    Sounds like such an amazing experience already! Missing you loads Tabi, and lunch and maths isn’t the same without Katie and Charlotte-Emily is missing you lots+Caroline counted how many ‘ermm’s’ miss broughton said in the lesson-over 100! HAHAA! Ohh, Tab….don’t forget my monkey;)

  • annette willett

    hey Koi…miss you sounds like a great experience and its only day 1…reggie says hello and dad and fay and Eve ( she is home from uni for a bit) and of course reggie and otis shelly and bubbles!! ha ha have a great time..its my birthday tomorrow !!!! 21 again lol
    love you
    Mum xxxx

  • franklins family


    Wow, sounds like you had a great first day, seeing the work from the previous visit must have made it feel very real – and giving you a sense of how importnant your efforts will be

    Great photo of you all in the mercury – we will keep it for you

    take care of you, and everyone

    love mum n dad, and brothers and sister


  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Hi baby, what an incredible start!……can’t wait for the next installment…..noon is tucked up in your bed as I type and so many people in the village have been asking after you!……sending tonnes of love to you and the gang and extra special kisses to everyone at Sagail and Mtwapa xxxx
    mum dad and mrs.noons xxxx

  • Aimee Holloway

    sounds like your already having an amazing time and it’s such a great experience! Me and Aimee miss you Melissa haha! remember my present;)!XXXXXX

  • Mr Southall

    Hi everyone,

    Delighted that you have made it safely and have got away to such a great start. Everyone at Brockington and at home has you in their thoughts – as you can see from the blog.

    The financial and material support that you are giving to your wonderful hosts is vitally important, but it comes nowhere near the friendship, support and care that you are taking all those miles from Brockington to Kenya on behalf of both yourselves and all of us. Save a little part of this for one another, but keep giving right up until you make it home. Keep making us all proud of you.

    Very best wishes,

    Mr Southall

  • Melissa Nutt

    Hi everyone, sounds like you’ve had a great first day! Miss You loads Charlotte (C-S) and i’m sure you’ll have lots to say to me, emily, zoe, izzy and lauren when you get back! Really proud of you, great experience for you all! See you soon :) xoxoxoxoxox

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte hope you had fun at the market. Bet you have got some friendship bracelets. All good here, just off to Lutterworth so will have some sweeties for you.

    Eats and drinks lots as its hot I hear.

    We love you. Mum xxx

    P.s. George Tom and will swimming tonight wish them luck x

  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Ellie,
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your second day. Have you managed to spend all your available money up until now? Dad, Karra and Josh all send their love.
    I understand the weather is hot so please remember your suncream.
    Love you lots and can’t wait for your first message to appear.

    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Debbie & Lisa

    Hi Melissa, we hope you’re having a good time. Hope they’re not working you too hard, we’re really proud of you. Wish you well, thinking of you, Debbie & Lisa at ASDA x

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Hope your second day has gone well, have you spent any money yet or taken any photo’s or video. Look at your video camera so that you know how to change the batteries as forgot to tell you (I think it is on the side where the wrist strp is, you have to push a catch to the side). If you can’t find it I am sure someone will be able to help you
    As it hot don’t forget your sun cream and mossy spray and drink plenty of water.
    Love Mumxxxxxx

  • Ana Ward

    Hi, all,
    just seen the first photos. Wonderful to see them. Life certainly looks very different but the faces look friendly and happy. I take it the children in green are the nursery children, they look so youg and sweet and I can just see Clarissa’s face… great for me! Hope you’ve had a good day out and about today. And the first dip in the pool I think! Believe me we are constantly thinking of you and what you may be doing.
    Lots of love, Clarissa’s Mum XXXX

  • Eloise Ray

    glad every-body made it there safely, i am sure every-body is missing you back in england.

    from Eloise

  • Shorty

    Just seen the photo’s, everybody sends their love, have fun, do good, keep safe,

    Shorty x

  • Kay Evans

    Have just seen the photo’s.
    Luke I can see the back of you. The children and people all look friendly and the banner is a nice touch. Missing you loads, the house is quiet without you.It has been hot hear aswell today but I bet not nas hot as it is there.
    take care love you Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • annette willett

    lovely to give us a phone call on my birthday joy….the photos look incredible. Keep that sun off you back!!! be careful love……make sure drink extra if your sick on that bus lol poor you perhaps you will get used to the bus journeys? anyway me and dad are out tonight for my birthday, glad its all going well, love you lots….. hello to all the other pupils and teachers!
    mum dad eve fay joy and the animals xx

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George, we’ve just seen the first photos. Hope you have had a good second day and you are coping with the heat!! Remember to drink lots. We have been to Rutland Water today with Will for the schools cross country final – he came 12th and won a team medal!!! Take care…. Love you, Mum

  • Clare Darby

    Good evening everyone!
    Good to see Day 1 and hope Day 2 has gone as well!
    Another fantastic trip by the sounds of it – your welcome was amazing but makes you realise that what you are doing will have a massive impact on lives for years to come. Enjoy every moment – even if at times it feels a bit daunting.
    As per last time I am crying and smiling as I read your update. We are all so proud of you.
    Hope all the teachers are behaving themeselves as well! Take care.
    Miss Darby

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Hi Tabs……photos are lovely!!….we are missing you loads and reading the blog makes me blub!…..hope you’ve had a yummy day today……grandad and grandma are attempting to leave you a messsage but you know what the pecker is like when dealing with the internet tubes!!……noon missed you last night so I ended up sandwiched between her and dad in bed…not nice!!…biggest day 2 love to you and the crew and tonnes of kisses to those special bubs in Mtwapa… you birdy xxxx

  • Jane

    Hi Rhiannon,
    Missed you this morning whilst I was working with Mason (think he’s missing you a bit too!). Maria showed me your blog which I enjoyed reading. Fabulous weather here today, just like summer. Had a walk down your garden and couldn’t believe how long it was, seemed to go on forever!
    Enjoy your weekend and luxury of hotel, then its down to work!
    Love Jane x

  • Claire Dobbins

    Hi Everyone,

    First two days sound fantastic, great to see photos already, looking forward to lots more.

    Take care in the heat!

    Mrs D

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