And we’re off…. 17

Slowly, but surly, throughout the morning pupils filtered into Brockington with bags in hand and parents not far behind. We all met up and prepared our luggage, excitedly talking about the trip ahead. We are now all sat down eating lunch after an emotional goodbye from our Year 9’s at the end of the school year and await our couch.

Johannesburg here we come!


Ben Moore

17 thoughts on “And we’re off….

  • Starnta

    Didn’t get a chance to say bye with all the lunch stuff happening, ‘nor get a sweaty hug’!
    Have a fantastic trip and stay safe.

  • Dimpal Shah

    Message for Karina from Mum & Dad – We arrived in Mumbai safely, sorry we could not say goodbye at Brockington when you left but sure you are having fun already. Just enjoy every moment and experience it! Lots of love xxx

  • Imy Walker

    Have a nice flight, hope you all get there safely. Steph don’t get on the wrong plane !!

  • Julie Webb

    Hi all

    Sorry I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye and good luck to you all. I must admit to shedding a few tears as the reality set in that I won’t be with you. Hope you all have a fantastic, fulfilling and life changing time in Johannesburg.

    I keep saying ‘They’ll be on the plane now…they’ll be there now…I wonder what they are up to now…’

    Love to you all – you are an inspiration.

    Julie X (Mrs Webb to some of you!)

    BTW Ben, I’m sure you didn’t mean to call the team ‘surly’…sorry, I can’t help it, I have the ‘English teacher curse’!

  • Andy and Susannah

    Hi Lucy G! Also sorry we did not see you off, we are having a great time in Paris. We are about to go up the Eiffel Tower. Hope your journey was ok and you are not too tired. Love from Dad and Mum.

  • Helen, Paul and Tara Colderick

    Hi Steph hope you are ok. I got my first scout badge last night it was the adventure badge.
    I am now off to gym. Enjoy your day.

  • Rachel creed

    Hi Ellie hope you all had a safe journey, it’s really quiet here and tidy too! Dogs have been looking for you:) have fun and take care, love you mills Ells xxx

  • Jo, J & Lois Pickering

    Hi All. Just a quick welcome to Johannesburg message. We hope your journey was a good one. Looking forward to some updates once you’ve all settled in. Take care of yourselves and one and other. Love The Pickering’s x Grasp this opportunity with both hands and make some differences – Love You “Legs” x

  • Helen Hall

    HI Erin, it’s very quiet at home with both you and Jack gone! Hope you had a great flight and didn’t annoy your neighbours too much! Enjoy your first night in Jo’Burg
    Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yvonne and Steve Wenlock

    Glad you have all arrived safely, looking forward to the blog this evening xx

  • The Snows

    Hi Lucy,
    Day 1 in the Big Brother House …..don’t be the first to be evicted!
    Have a great day tomorrow xxx

  • Symone

    As instructed I shall try to keep our blogs embarrassment free!
    It was a real wrench to say goodbye yesterday – so thank you so much for sending Ish the facebook to let us know you have arrived well.
    Grandpa phoned last night to find out how it went and sends his love. I have encouraged him to blog so hope he does.
    Holly meowed outside your room at 5 am this morning wanting her breakfast – I had to show her that your room was empty, she has spent most of the day ‘yaking’ at birds eating our cherries and swishing her tail.
    It has been an outdoor day today, very hot. Ish and I have just got back in from a bell ringing meet at Cosby and Croft Churches.
    I hope your journey went well – without incident, and that you managed to get some sleep. Did you get asked to turn on your electrical equipment at the airport? Were your ears OK?
    Whats your first impression of South Africa?
    Love you so much and waiting to hear your blog news soon. Mum x

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